Bloomsbury Throws Up A Brick

Here is a quick construction update on the first of two buildings at Bloomsbury Estates. The brick looks very nice and I think this condo building will stand apart from the rest of the ones going up downtown.

Sidetrack Brewpub is also coming along but at a snail’s pace. The bar is just now taking shape. Perhaps they are planning to open when the first of the BE residents move in. Who knows.

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  1. I feel like BE tries to look a little different when compared to the boxes that drop out of the sky like The Dawson, 222 Glenwood, and West at North. The round ‘tower’ you see at the corner of the building, I think, will be something not seen on many buildings downtown.

  2. ^Very interesting conversation. I have read some of it in the past. Unfortunately, I have little background in architecture to add anything of value to it. So I’ll just say that in my personal opinion, Bloomsbury Estates has offered downtown Raleigh a different look in the rising condo market. Personally, I do not take the architecture into consideration if I was condo shopping, I prefer location, but everyone is different. To me, it looks as if the architect spent a little more time designing BE, cares what he creates, and I enjoy that. Some may disagree, but to each his own.

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