Cleaning up Bloomsbury Estates

The finishing touches to the building are being put up and the area around it is finally coming together. The sidewalk is being poured and the brick parking lot is being laid out. Just from walking around, the set back building reminds me of Park Deveraux, with an area for bushes and trees with a fence lining the sidewalk. I think this is fitting since the building sits on the edge of neighborhoods and there will be little foot traffic.

There is a stone on the corner of Boylan and Hargett that gives a shout out to the old Wake County courthouse. Readers, help me out here, has this stone always been at this location? I have actually never seen it before.

I know this building has been heavily criticized throughout the blogosphere but whatever your opinion is on Bloomsbury Estates, you’ve got to give them credit on the extra attention to detail. Compared to current condo buildings, this one has a little more substance then the others in downtown Raleigh.

New street, Independence Place, goes right in front of the building.

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  1. Yeah, that plaque has been there at least since that spot was a lot for busses. (I think it says erected 1983 on it.) I also remember some article somewhere that said when this project was starting, some archaeologists found a few remnants around the site.

  2. But I think it was moved during construction and just recently returned to the site…b/c of possible damage

  3. The building is not necessarily fully occupied. Pre-sales need to be converted to sales and that normally takes time. Even at the RBC Plaza condos, only 44 of the 139 have already been sold (finalized sales.) With the lenders becoming more reluctant, or going out of business, it will take a while before developers see the money.

    As far as the second building goes, it will break ground after the economy takes a positive turn, which will be a while, I am afraid :(

  4. As Leo already stated, extra credit for detail! I’ve seen the inside of the building and the quality is unmatched from what I’ve seen so far. It will be a very nice place to live for those who buy here. Dollar for dollar if quality and detail are important you can’t go wrong.

  5. I agree with Robert. I’ve seen the inside of this place too and it’s quality all the way. They did an excellent job with construction and this place isn’t going to be falling apart any time soon unlike a lot of developers that just throw buildings up fully expecting to have to renovate them five years down the road. The level of craftsmanship is superb. :)

  6. Thanks for the nice comments. The building should be done soon. The Boylan Bridge Brewpub just opened across the street. We will have a sales center in the building soon. You are welcome to come for a tour anytime.

    John Bruckel, Developer

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