1. Another 20-30 high-rises between 40-70 stories and we’ll be set for a few years :LOL: Thanks for the nice photo, Leo. It is much appreciated.

  2. Of course it is the best view of Raleigh! Why else would all the homeless people of Raleigh sleep under the bridge you are standing on. I can guarantee you its not the efficient concierge staff, it is the beautiful view of a somewhat thriving Downtown that attracts them!!!

  3. Ernest: I agree with you! Even 10 more HIGH rises within the next 3-5 years (not 10 years), HIGH = minimum of 40 stories, not Raleigh developers definition which is 5-10 floors.

    Raleigh needs to build a structure/building that will be the tallest in the Southeast – a signature building that is the gateway to the Southeast (because Raleigh is the “true” gateway to the Southeast, not that backwards hole in the wall Richmond, Va)

  4. Mike, I do hope that we get the type of corporate relocations that could justify skyscrapers. Unfortunately, our city has yet to take a more aggressive position on attracting large corporations, but then again it is not an easy task. Easier said than done :( I would love to see a signature tower that would be at least 800ft tall, but for the moment I am “forced” to take a more down-to-Earth approach. In other words, I hope all the proposals get built, without any scale-downs.

    Let’s keep the dream alive :)

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