Back From Vacation

After eight days and 2500+ miles driven, I’m finally back in Raleigh and it is great to be home. I have no content right now as I am getting back into the swing of things but do have some ideas for discussion.

If you want to see what happened in 2008, check the archives, but for those looking ahead, what do you want to see happen in 2009? I have a couple ideas for a short term wishlist for next year. The talk about downtown skyscrapers and arenas is great but we can’t forget about the smaller things that downtown needs. What is possible to happen in a years time?

I was in Birmingham for the NC State football game and my experience of the city was average. It got me thinking about the experience a new visitor to Raleigh has. It is a little hard for someone living in Raleigh to put yourself in their shoes but I’d be really interested to hear about someone’s first visit to Raleigh and how the city/downtown plays host.

Also a new camera is on the way and I’m really trying to work on my photography skills as well as do some really cool photo projects.

Happy New Year!

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  1. My first impression of downtown Raleigh was shock. I thought that it would be bigger and busier than it was. As I walked Hargett Street from Wilmington Street parking deck to the Wachovia building on Fayetteville Street, I pondered with excitement the potential of downtown. This was during a time of construction; Fayetteville Street was being reversed from a mall to a true street. I was disappointed to learn that the area lacked affordable living in the form of a small little condo. I wasn’t a new graduate but an experienced profession. I could have paid $200,000 but not $500,000. Through my time spent working in downtown Raleigh, I saw the opening of many places, mostly restaurants. Downtown is certainly not a place overridden with chains eateries, which is always a fresh sight. I look forward to the new year bringing more of the same original restaurants and more shopping downtown with perhaps the introduction of a local grocery and some starter home level living.

  2. Close game. Like usual we let teams slide without the services of R. Wilson. Although Evans had a hot hand coming in.

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