1. I would’ve thought the RBC Tower was finished enough to open up all the surrounding sidewalks by now. I know the neighbors will be happy to have their foot traffic back!

  2. If I hear another person complain about one-way traffic here, I swear to God I am going to kill something (even if it is just a plant). Does anyone realize that REAL cities NEED one way streets? And pedestrian ONLY streets? Why can’t people get it out of there sheltered little heads that the automobile is not the one and only way for transportation/commuting? What is holding back businesses like Manhattan Cafe is decrepit looking, poorly kept buildings (like the ones across the street in this picture) with undesirable businesses and the suburban commute mentality. Let’s get a REAL public transit system that works well for all socio-economic groups, not just the poor, and more middle and upper class living downtown. Then there might not be as much stigma towards doing more in downtown. Plus, people need to learn that walking 3 or 4 blocks is not the end of the world if you DO decide that driving to your destination is “necessary”.

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