1. I surely hope so, provided we are not going to end up with another surface lot… Yes, I am aware of the plans for the amphitheater, but I would rather see the existing building be used for something until we are ready for replacing it with something better.

  2. I can’t believe they did not remove these structures and clean that lot up before the convention center opened (eyesore).

    Note: I went to a technology (4 hour) meeting at the convenetion center. I overheard one of the attendees asking a convention center greeter (she must have been 100 years old), what is there to see in the convention center (the guy was bored – absolutely nothing to see – no artwork, one flat panel display). Also, the entrance to the hotel area is a joke (steel doors) – put glass doors, idiots!

  3. The Marriott and RCC opening at almost the same time was a huge change to downtown. The area is still a work in progress with this lot, Charter Square, and even Fayetteville St. isn’t finished yet.

    I’m really interested to see how this amphitheater is going to be put on this lot. With colder months coming though, I do not expect shows to start until next summer though.

  4. Leo,

    Good point about the shows: If they are going to use that lot for concerts only in the summer, that will be a waste of prime real estate. That lot needs to have activity 24/7 for the convention goers. If that lot is going to be for concerts until the 2nd phase of the convention center is build which is 10 years from now, forget it. Scrap the concerts and build a office/entertainment/outdoor shopping mall and hotel at that site. They need to decide within the next 12-18 months (will they expand the convention center with phase II, if not, sell the lot to developers). Knowing city council, they will talk for 10 years, won’t have funding in place for phase II and sit on their hands for anohter 5 years). NOTE: Phase II of the convention center must be under offices, hotels and entertainment (do not mirror phase I – need foot traffic around this block – shopping and restaurants).

  5. Regarding Gary’s comment about nothing to see at the convention center; both the North Carolina Museum of History and the Gregg Museum of Art and Design have exhibit cases in the center. Too bad the guide couldn’t tell the attendee about them.

  6. Last I heard the projected opening date was early Spring 09. I’d love to see this site get used for local graduations instead of the Convention Center.

    I suppose we shall see…

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