EnviroCon: A Home For Electric Cars In DT Raleigh

Did you know that Raleigh has a small fleet of cars that run on alternative fuels? Almost a year ago it was announced that the city bought a Toyota Prius and modified it to run on only electricity. It wasn’t until recently that I was told by a friend about where this famous Raleigh Prius re-charges. It has its own space and electrical plug right on the bottom floor of the municipal parking deck on Morgan St.

The Prius was not there while I was lurking around the deck but other city vehicles were parked around it. It was interesting to see a car using natural gas as a fuel source.

Eventually one of these vehicle technologies will be adopted if gasoline ever goes away. If electricity prevails, you can see here how easy it is to upgrade parking spaces with simple electrical outlets.

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  1. The interesting thing about parking plug-in’s here is that all the energy they’re saving by transitioning the deck lighting to LED’s probably covers what they’re using to charge these cars. So basically subtract the price of gas and they’re definitely coming out ahead on this, financially.

  2. […] and acceleration but runs primary on batteries and attains 100 miles per gallon.  Our friends at The Raleigh Connoisseur recently found that the city parks their green vehicle in the municipal parking garage on Morgan […]

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