Pic of the Week [UPDATE: 8:00pm]

Part 1 of 3; the shimmer wall during the day.

[UPDATE: 8:00pm]

Part 2 of 3; the shimmer wall turned off at night.

[UPDATE: 12:30AM]

Part 3 of 3; the shimmer wall turned on at night.

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  1. […] was officially lit and several local bloggers were there to capture it. The Raleigh Connoisseur has pictures, watch the colors change on gogoraleigh and — of course — Goodnight, Raleigh covered […]

  2. Good idea, but they need to fix it (already) – have ass job again! Looks washed out in the evening (cannot see the oak tree image – if the image is not clear, what purpose does it serve). Figures, they were not thinking again!

    P.S. Can anyone answer this question: Where is the 40′ art tower and where are the fountains in front of the Convention Center – the entrance looks grey and ugly.

    When are they going to restructure the Marriott side that faces the convention center (no door/entrance – what a bunch of dump asses)

  3. Hey,Fenny: I admit, a couple of missed spelled words (in a hurry running a business) Why don’t I kick your ass and were even! Stay on the subject idiot (from a educated Marine)!

  4. Fenny sounds like he has issues. You tell him Mark! Semper Fi!

    P.S. The wall looks great during the day. In the evening it looks washed out and pathetic – it looks terrible (another project without any thought process and a disappointment). Raleigh and CREE! – Fix this NOW before the conventions (I can promise you this, they will remember Raleigh, the Shimmer wall and surrounding area more than the convention) “the wall in the evening will get laughs instead of raves.”

  5. The wall looks a hell of a lot better close up when looking at dbearhug’s MyNC video.

    And the reason there’s not top portion lit, it’s because there’s AC units behind it.

  6. Feeny, Mark, calm down, try not not to curse on this website, unless your REALLY are dumb enough to sink to that level.

    “Why don’t I kick your and were even! Stay on the subject idiot (from a educated Marine)!” – Mark

    DO NOT drag military service into this. I don’t care how smart you are, that language is unacceptable.

    Anyway, back to topic,

    I didn’t know that the shimmer wall was supposed to change colors. I think it looks better that way. L8rs. P.S. NO MORE FIGHTING.

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