Pic(s) of The Week [UPDATE: 3-9-09]

If you want to know where to spot them, go here. If not, happy hunting!

So far these are the only two fallout shelter signs I have seen downtown. If anyone knows of more, comment and I’ll add them.

[UPDATE: 3-26-08]
It looks like one of your fellow readers has spotted another sign. The location map has been updated. Thanks Jake!

[UPDATE: 3-9-09]
It has been almost a year later since the last update. Anyway, I wanted to add another sign that I found. This one being at the NC State Archives.

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  1. We’ve seen those walking around Fayetteville Street after supper and it brings to mind all sorts of ideas. What if there are still some kind of bunkers in the basements of these buildings loaded with piles of now-outdated supplies.

    The other weird association are the 3-4 stairways that go below street level to some other place. We laughingly call them the entrances into the uncompleted Downtown Raleigh subway/streetcar system!!

  2. That’s great! If it were true, I’m thinking they need to create a a midnight tour of ‘underground Raleigh’; similar to a ghost tour perhaps.

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