First Warm Weekend of The Year

The weather this weekend was great and if you were downtown at all, you would have seen much more activity then usual. Outdoor seating kicks some serious butt on weekends like these. What is your favorite outdoor spot in downtown? Whether it is for drinks, food, play, anything.

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  1. I would vote for Solas, but it all depends on my mood and day. The venues along Fayetteville Street are o.k. but nothing major. Probably Fayetteville Street Tavern provides the best outdoor experience.

  2. Humble Pie’s outdoor seating is awesome. (But do note if it’s really sunny and hot, get a seat under the tent!)
    Thaiphoon’s seating by the Koi pond is pretty neat too.
    Though not technically downtown, I also have to give credit to Porter’s Tavern’s outdoor tables….they’re actually a raised porch off of the sidewalk, so it doesn’t block pedestrian traffic. Very wise choice.

    Everyone seems to like Boylan Bridge Brewpub’s outdoor seating…look forward to trying it sometime.

    Yesterday, my S.O. and I walked dogs and stopped at Crema on Fayetteville for Ice Cream. Was very pleasant though I hope the trees along the street grow some leaves soon for shade! :-)

  3. I’m very curious as to which of the outdoor spots have power outlets available. I’ve heard a rumor that (a hidden) one is available outside at Helios, but I have yet to utilize it.

    Leo – you’ve made so many other awesome maps. What about one which shows available outdoor power sources to those who poor, wretched souls who would like to be plugged in while outdoors?

  4. John, that’s not a bad idea. Like a ‘Best places to be plugged in’ or ‘Best places to geek out’ kind of list.

    You, my friend, need a spare battery or a really long extension cord.

  5. WTF! That outlet at Helios was supposed to be our little secret John.

    In general I do like the idea of coming up with a list of best places to be plugged in. WiFi + Sun + Power = endless outdoor productivity potential.

    Must order 9 cell batteries….

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