City Plaza Work Beginning

The groundbreaking of city plaza will be very soon and there are signs of work happening just beyond the planters that dead end Fayetteville Street’s 400 block.

Construction fencing around the area

Temporary pedestrian walkways are being put in place

The plaza will finally finish off Fayetteville Street and car traffic will freely flow from Morgan to Lenoir. The plans on the city’s website do not show any parking on this block and that will help create a lively area with pedestrians. I’m hoping that the street is also flush with the sidewalks as that will also make the area feel like it is more for foot traffic.

I find it interesting that plans for street concerts are still being considered for city plaza. Is this really needed after it is completed? I propose that concerts on Fayetteville St. be moved up one more block to what is referred to as Sites 2 and 3; the parking lots between Lenoir and South St. in front of the Performing Arts Center. Are the couple hundred spaces here really needed when, upon completion, the 1500+ spaces underneath the Marriott and Charter Square will be available soon? Do not forget the convention center parking deck and Progress Energy parking deck too.

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  1. This will only enhance DTR for the better. I wish it would’ve been completed before now, if it had, maybe Yanceys and George, or was it the Mint, would have survived. We truly need something to offer people in the DT area to create a demand for expansion/growth.

  2. The Mint is still open. They got $1,000,000 and tons of free rent from the City. Oh yeah, and a Fayetteville Street address. I don’t see how they couldn’t be doing well…

    Seriously, though, this is long overdue and I’m glad to see construction begin.

  3. I am happy for City Plaza, but I am a bit concerned about the 100 Fayetteville Street section… While there are a few places there, we need some improvements. Hopefully, they will place some condos above Alexander Square – they can add 10 more floors. This could help pedestrian activity in that section and possibly convince Carolina Cafe to consider some extended hours; right now it makes little sense for them, I must admit.

  4. Mr. Feeny,

    Thanks for the info on The Mint. Glad to hear they are still up and running. I am glad Raleigh has a wider spectrum of entertainment beyond 7pm that all can enjoy from hot dogs shops to The Mint, Solas and all in between. To offer people of all tax brackets. Glad Raleigh is taking their place on the map.

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