Bloomsbury Estates Photo Construction Update

There is nothing really to report so I will let the pictures do all the work.

Standing tall over the Boylan Bridge Brewpub

Great view

Underground parking?

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  1. I heard they were about 2/3 presold, but my assumption is they were contingent on a delivery date by the developer. Anyone with info or an update on this?

  2. This site will only look good if the other building starts soon (still looks like an industrial area with the garage and silos below). That area is still un-inviting. My guess, that pub will never open or it will close within 6-8 months (the quality of that patio is below average – looks like it was thrown together)

  3. I beg to differ on the Brewpub. Its slated to open at the end of August and its further along than you think. Much of the casework, booths, etc is being built in the shop downstairs and will be brought up at some point. Check out their website. I’d say the patio will be one of the best in/around town.

    As far as Bloomsbury goes, take a picture looking toward the west. The view’s going to get even more beautiful once the prison expansion and the construction of the new utility plant get underway.

  4. Well Bloomsbury’s strong point is the view going to the east (ie, skyline) and south (Boylan Heights). Yeah, I know what will be to their west won’t be pretty….if they’re smart, they’ll do some MAJOR landscaping and planting of tall trees on that side of their property!

  5. The views to the East are very nice – I have been on the top floor over a year ago – and I must say it is hard to beat looking at the skyline, particularly in the evening. I like the design of the building, but I must say I am a bit disappointed with the way the rest of the site will be used. I would rather see a more urban site plan, but the design is very nice and I am sure the interior will look great, too. I hope that things move forward at a faster pace and the developer gets rewarded for revitalizing such a great spot.

  6. Murch,
    I visited the Bloomsbury back in May during the Downtown Living Tour. I asked the construction super when the sold units would be ready to move into and he said September (presumably of this year). I thought “Fat chance!” but I said “Good luck!” Sure didn’t look like that was going to happen last time I drove by a few weeks ago. I guess we’ll see in about 6 weeks or so.

  7. We expect construction to be completed shortly. You are welcome to come for a tour. The Boylan Bridge Brewpub just opened across the street. We will be opening a sales center in the building soon. John Bruckel, Developer

  8. Well Karl, here it is well into April 2009, and the condos are still not lived in as of yet. I was at the Brewpub a few evenings ago and the building looks complete and empty!! If I were one of the pre-sale buyers, I would be very upset with the developer, the contractor, and everyone involved at this point and more than likely, backing out of buying one. Looks like the delivery date is well past 7 months…totally ridiculous!! The talk among the DT community about Bloomsbury Estates is not positive.

  9. @Donnie: I don’t know what community you represent, but I’m actually quite interested in BE. If anything the length of time the developer has taken on this project merely represents a higher quality of product. The place looks beautiful.

  10. Yeah Donnie, I’ve been keeping an eye on its progress. I’d be p****d too, if I were one of the pre-sale buyers. Some residents in Boylan Heights refer to the Bloomsbury as “the haunted house,” and it looks like it may very well be turning into just that! Let’s see…the 2009 Downtown Living Tour ought to be coming up in a month or so haha

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