Pic of the Week

Seems like the only one building new office space in downtown is the state government. In this economy and with Raleigh having some of the highest work-from-home percentages in the country, make of that what you will. The block just north of the Nature Research Center, shown above, has been mostly cleared. The surface parking lot has been removed and all the trees are gone as construction of the North Carolina Education Campus is in its early stages.

The Administration Building still stands today but it’s being gutted out and will be demolished soon. It’s not clear what the new campus will look like but site plans do indicate some underground or covered parking for the office building. In addition, the Nature Research Center may benefit as it looks like there may be outdoor plazas and open space right across the street. We’ll have to wait and see if any info comes out about the project as the state government is probably the least open about it’s projects.

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