Checking in on Noble Place, Condos in Glenwood South

16 townhome-style condos are being built at the corner of Boylan and North Streets. We saw the signs for this awhile ago but checking in on it recently, the new houses are well underway as you can see in the photo above. Noble Place, as it’s called now, is located in Glenwood South and will offer some very nice features, as their site clearly lists off.

Condos are a rare product in downtown as the economics and financials of the current real estate market don’t seem to favor a tall building with a larger number of units for sale. There are more such projects like Noble Place popping up just outside of downtown Raleigh so I get the feeling that for the near future, downtown will be predominantly for renters. It’s interesting to watch for sure but as long as more residents keep coming, I’m not complaining.

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