Checking in on Noble Place, Condos in Glenwood South

16 townhome-style condos are being built at the corner of Boylan and North Streets. We saw the signs for this awhile ago but checking in on it recently, the new houses are well underway as you can see in the photo above. Noble Place, as it’s called now, is located in Glenwood South and will offer some very nice features, as their site clearly lists off.

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Glenwood South Townhomes Planned for Boylan and North Streets

16 townhomes are planned for a corner spot along Boylan Avenue and North Street. The fantastic corner location, as seen in my brilliantly picturesque photo above, is just a block away from the bars and restaurants of Glenwood South.

Some of the combined properties are currently empty but two existing single-family homes will be demolished for the new townhomes. One includes a smaller home from 1900 with a fantastic collection of palm trees out front. If you know me, I have an eye for our frondy friends around Raleigh. It’s sad to see them go.

The townhomes will be 3-stories tall with rooftop terraces. The rooftops are definitely what’s in these days, becoming almost the standard of any new townhome built in and around downtown in the last five years.

The developers of this project are White Oak Properties and CityPlat. JDavis Architects are the designers and Glenwood Agency is the realtor.