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Frequent bus network plan for 2025-2027

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There’s a survey out for anyone interested in expanded bus service and bus rapid transit in Wake that readers should probably take a look at. Jump to the survey here.

If you aren’t familiar, plans for expanded transit service will be rolling out between now and 2027. Downtown Raleigh is a central hub of the frequent network with the BRT lines coming in and out of downtown Raleigh. The survey focuses on the bus component only and I’m expecting the commuter rail portion, dropping passengers off at Raleigh Union Station, to come later.

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  1. There’s very little in this plan for the half of the city that lives north of I-440… politically foolish.

  2. My office faces down on the FNB tower site and there’s a lot of busy prep working being done right now and the crane should be arriving this Friday. I’m going to miss my unobstructed views but also excited to see this building go up.

    Getting the Alamo Drafthouse right now on the bus is doable but boy is it rough to walk it from DTR. Hopefully the BRT project includes sidewalks on New Bern.

  3. ct, the map doesn’t show that service is getting upgraded to be more frequent throughout N. Raleigh, but that said I think you’re right honestly. I think sending 15-minute frequent service further up Glenwood, Six Forks, and Falls of Neuse is more beneficial than the crosstown line on Oberlin/Lassiter Mill or Blue Ridge. Perhaps frequent crosstown service along the beltline itself could be justified.

    That said, the BRT is in the right place.

  4. I think NC State was planning to build one of those……… 1984. Any woofies out there? When exactly is that gondola/monorail coming online? :)

  5. When I was at NCSU in the late 90’s early 00’s there was talk of a monorail connecting main campus to centennial campus. Obviously that has never happened. That was also back when there was a lot of buzz about building light rail system… 20 years later and nothing has changed :(

  6. Woofie here. It was just something either some grad students or post-grads were talking up. Never was a real thing to people who actually are charged with implementing this stuff. I think you’ll see a pedestrian tunnel under Western Blvd before any such system and NC State.

  7. It would be cool if we could eventually have BRT on all major roads all the way out to 540. Western, 401, 70, New Bern, Capital, Glenwood and probably Creedmoor and six forks.

  8. Btw another wolfpacker here and the rail system between the two campuses is called EcoPRT. I used to see them testing it on campus.

  9. I believe that those charged with implementing the Wake Transit Plan have shown a steady hand in pacing the various elements of the plan. One of the reasons cited for the failure of the Nashville Transit Referendum is that it may have been too ambitious without addressing some of the most in-need and in-demand areas of the city. Ridership vs coverage was discussed at great length as part of the Wake Transit referendum.

    Commuter rail and light rail will come.

  10. The centennial campus monorail has been in the official campus master plan for 20+ years. When they were studying the pedestrian tunnel under Western, some of the designs considered leaving space for it in the tunnel. So it’s more than a twinkle in the eye of a few grad students, but then again if the university really wanted it to happen they probably would have moved on it by now.

  11. @Nick. Nashville likely gambled big and lost huge. Though I certainly can be wrong, this looks like a nail-in-the-coffin sort of thing for Amazon HQ2. The last thing that you want to do is have this sort of public lashing by voters as you are being considered.

  12. @John532 – WRT Amazon HQ2 the Texas Attorney General recently filed a lawsuit to end DACA. This action casts a shadow over Dallas and Austin’s chances.

    I think the Triangles chances of landing this are growing considerably. The Georgia GA’s response to Delta’s decision to no longer offer discounts to NRA members probably hurt Atlanta’s chances. If this wasn’t enough then Georgia’s recent adoption legislation likely finished the job.

    I’m reading Raleigh has the lowest overall tax rate which is huge to Amazon as evidenced by their strong reaction to Seattle’s controversial “Head Tax” proposal.

    If Amazon HQ2 does come here I hope and think it will be sited in RTP. Amazon doesn’t want a repeat of the problems that developed in Seattle. RTP is centrally located between population centers with the very real possibility of light rail connections. In the 10 years they anticipate completing build-out they can shape this area into something that works well for them without reeking havoc on our downtown cores as happened in Seattle. Yes, there will still be major impacts none-the-less.

  13. New condos going up by the roundabout by NCSU Belltower. According to the article they will use the parking lot by Player’s Retreat. Prices seem too reasonable–starting at $300,000. Wish I could find those prices in DTR!

  14. Does anyone know an actual name and phone number of someone in the city that I can talk to about an environmental issue pertaining to a construction project? I’ve perused the city website and can’t find an actual phone number or email address to call under the sustainability pages. Thanks for the help!

  15. Major League Soccer article in N&O was a big fat notningburger. Not even sure why they ran it. It told us absolutely nothing new.

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