Spring Meetup is on May 30

Another season, another great time for a reader meetup. I hope some of you are in town the week of Memorial Day because if you are, come join us at the London Bridge Pub on May 30 from 5-7pm. The format is casual and the folks that come out are always a classy bunch.

Our hosts for the evening include:

Spring Reader Meetup

Date/Time: Wed., May 30, 2018 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
London Bridge Pub
Right next to the GoRaleigh station. (easy bus access)

I think this one will be a good one. See you there.

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  1. @Eric – this is Phase I of the project, Phase II should include the features you’ve mentioned. Move info here: https://www.raleighnc.gov/business/content/PlanDev/Articles/UrbanDesign/BlountPersonCorridorStudy.html

    Excerpt: Phase two proposes streetscape improvements throughout the corridor. In the South Park neighborhood the improvements include landscaped bulb-outs at intersection corners and selected mid-block locations. Landscaped medians and pedestrian crossings would be added at locations from Brookside/Automotive Way to Delway Street. Phase two would include the completion of missing sidewalks on the west side of Wake Forest Road from Sycamore Street to Cedar Street. It is proposed to add landscaped bulb-outs at intersection corners and selected mid-block locations to better define on-street parking, narrow pedestrian crossings, add street trees and landscaping to visually narrow the streets to encourage traffic calming, through the downtown area from Peace Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

  2. Heya, just a quick suggestion. Last time i went to the meet up, i had no idea who was there as part of the meetup and who was there to enjoy the bar :). Is there someway to identify people for those who are new?

  3. Hey Aaron. Sorry about that. Maybe we’re too casual. Actually you’re not the first to say that so I’m planning to have a flag or something to make it a little more clear who’s part of the meetup. Stay tuned.

  4. Sorry to stray from the topic. Does anyone know if there is or will be a construction cam for the FNB Tower? What about the Peace (Smokey Hollow) development? I am stuck in a suburban office park and don’t get downtown as often as I like, so I need web cams to keep up with the projects. :)

  5. First, does anyone know when construction of
    West Street extension will start?

    Also, has anyone heard what Kane plans to do with
    7 acres he just bought in warehouse district?
    Note: a 45-50 story signature office/hotel/apartment
    building would be nice to start showing
    Amazon we are very serious about HQ2!!!!

  6. @Nick, if there isn’t a cam I can just start a imgur account with semi-weekly uploads from my vantage point.

    @Anthony, the recently bought property in downtown Raleigh won’t be developed for a decade per current occupant’s statement. The current occupant is not planning to leave for at least 5 years.

  7. @fran I would greatly appreciate that! Still have my fingers crossed for a web cam tho.

    In other news TBJ is reporting that Highwoods sold another building along the beltline to BB&T. They sold another property next door back in the fall to BB&T as well. I wonder if they are compiling cash to build something new (IE Wilmington Street office building/Former Edison site).

  8. Fran,
    Appreciate update, but I agree with Thomas.
    I think the tenant will move soon, Kane is not waiting.
    I am guessing he will break ground on new
    development as soon as Peace
    Building is finished.

  9. Isn’t the current occupant Clancy & Theys? (Construction company) It’s easy to imagine they could be interested in working with Kane in exchange for the contract to build his new project.

  10. Has anything ever happened quickly in Raleigh? Those two Food Halls that were suppose to open in Fall 2017 (Morgan) and Spring 2018 (Transfer Co.) are still not completed. FNB Tower was suppose to break ground originally in December 2017 but instead 5 months later? The Edison Tower is a clever name for a gravel and dirt parking lot. 400H is circling the drain as we speak. 301H was dead a year before they found another buyer and will take a couple of years before the new developers break ground I guarantee it. Remember Empire’s 12 story project next to CrankArm? Almost everyone has forgotten by now.

    Clancy & Theys will have to find a new place to move into and that will take 1 to 3 years depending on if they’re building or leasing.

    Plus whatever Kane wants to built will likely not be ugly enough for the City of Raleigh to approve in the eight rounds of ‘discussions’ they will very much have.

    Unless Amazon moves here–even then.

  11. Looks like the rezoning request for the “controversial” hotel on Peace St has been approved by City Council today.

  12. Fran,

    I agree that most Raleigh projects move slowly, but the Transfer Food Hall actually sounds like it will be on schedule. They’re hosting a collaboration with NCSU college of design this Friday night. On the facebook page for the event, they list the event as a sort of preview, and that Transfer will be open June 1.

  13. @Anthony
    West St Extension: No start in sight pending additional funding. The original plan to use $10 mil bond money plus a federal TIGER (now BUILD) grant has been derailed by the current administration moving the target on grant requirements. Bond funds are no longer allowable.

    It appears that there will be an attempt to work with Kane when the Clancey & Theys property is developed to work some of the improvements into that project.

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