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Parklet on Salisbury Street

Parklet? Outdoor seating? Either way you look at it, a parking space has been removed on Salisbury Street. Cheers to Local Icon, behind nearby Virgil’s, Linus and Pepper’s, and Level Up, for the great outdoor space.

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  1. The idea is great but why not paint it? I would not even know it’s there, but maybe that’s the intention?

  2. @Robert. I hear what you are saying, but I’d worry about the performance of painted raw wood over even a short period of time. It’s hard to tell if this is stained, but it is finished in some manner or another. Heck, even wood itself is going to have performance problems in short order with warping, splinters, etc. They may not look as warm as wood, but I’d consider making these out of trex-deck planks or some other more durable material that assembles and presents as wood.
    I’ll have to check out the parklet soon!
    Thanks for sharing it Leo.

  3. Leo if you took that today, I must have been just off to the right of the picture when you took it…I stopped for a second to appreciate how many people were using it.
    I haven’t been in it but thought it was Trex…could be wrong though. Trex can get super hot to the touch in the sun…my deck is made of it, and it burns our bare feet. Regardless, a guy who can afford a white Lambo can probably afford to replace this every 4-5 years if it comes down to it being unmaintained pressure treated wood.

  4. Mark, no this was taken over a week ago. I want to think these parklets evolve over time, some paint here, a canopy later, flowers and herbs with the seasons. They are living extensions of the sidewalk!

  5. I was in Grenenville SC this weekend where they have turned their old historic hotel back into guess what?!! A hotel!!! Actually it’s a Westin. Greenville SC’s city pooulation is…..wait for it……56,000+/- And Raleigh is going to allow our only historic hotel to remain affordable housing for poor people and a cost that’s 4X what other affordable housing units should cost in Raleigh. W. T. F. !!!!!!

  6. Dangit Thomas you beat me to it…I was there 3 weeks ago and noticed that too, and took plenty of pictures to prove how nice it looks. For a city of like 67,000 people their downtown is pretty active along the central spine

  7. Is there any chance the decision to keep Sir Walter affordable is political posturing vis-a-vis Amazon HQ2?

  8. City population numbers are often deceiving and mostly useless. Greenville’s “city” population is small but its actually the central city in a metro similiar to Greensboro in size. So its not as surprising their downtown is vibrant and also converting hotels like such. Doesnt excuse the fact that Raleigh should be doing so as well with Sir Walter imo.

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