1. I think that Solas is going to be a great destination!!! It may not offer the most impressive views of the skyline, but it will bring a lot more people to Glenwood South, assuming they will include some decent destinations.

    Nice photo!!!

  2. I’m surprised that Solas doesn’t have a website up yet – at least that I could find.

  3. This view will offer some taste of city life with the West Condo building in the background. I love the progress Raleigh is making. This also offers a destination location in the city as well. I can’t wait to visit soon. NYC!

  4. This place is going to definitely be a destination. Everyone I talk to knows about this project and is looking forward to the roof views from a bar.

  5. Maybe some day we’ll be lucky enough to see taller buildings utilizing their top floors. Why not having a nice restaurant on the top of a 10+ story building? I know Lafayette will have a bar, with a swimming pool on the rooftop, but we need more in the Glenwood South area. I do not advocate placing all destinations above the ground floor… We do not want to lose the traffic on the street level, but maybe 2-3 such destinations would not hurt, especially if they are introduced slowly. As population grows, it will be a nice feature for downtown :)

    I think Solas had a great idea and I can’t wait to see this investment paying off.

  6. Thanks for the link, Ashton.

    I also noticed the furniture outside too. I’m excited for this one and hope more developments like this pop up along glenwood.

    A beer and a view is a killer combination.

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