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Char-Grill has settled into Raleigh’s culture over the past few decades. Best burger in town?

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  1. I’ve been searching for the best burger in Raleigh since moving here 5 months ago. After asking dozens of people, so far I’ve come to the conclusion that Cook-Out is best. Although, Char-Grill is pretty delicious, Cook-Out beats them.

  2. Char Grill Steak Burger is excellent, but 5-Guys (North Raleigh location very nice)$4.29 double burger with your favorite toppings – awesome burger!

  3. That would be a tough contest to judge. I agree that Cook-Out is right up there, but I have to add Snoopy’s to the competition as well.

  4. Best burger? No way. It’s good stuff, but only burgers freshly made and ground by hand can qualify. I agree with Charlie: Porter’s has a GREAT burger!

  5. I don’t know about who sells the best burger, but the view from the Hillsborough Str Char-Grill beats every competitor’s location :LOL: On a serious note, if don’t mind grilling yourselves, try the [fresh] burgers that Fresh Market sells and then talk to me about the best ;) I do love Char-Grill’s and Cook-Out’s burgers, though… They are simply fantastic, and the price is right.

  6. Love Char-grill! The best burgers on Hillsborough Street are at Player’s Retreat, though. They grind the meat fresh there and you can most def taste the difference.

  7. For me, the best burger place in Raleigh is a toss up between MoJoe’s on Glenwood and Cloos Coney Island in Mission Valley. MoeJoe’s has a better atmosphere, but the sliders at Cloos are incredible.

  8. I’m a big Burger Hut fan. They do a decent job with their burgers, but I really like the old school dive appeal. The grill is ancient. Be forewarned: they allow smoking, which can be a problem if the wrong HVAC repair crew is in there the day that you go…

  9. Funny enough, I went to Char-Grill for lunch the other day. It was adequate, but I don’t miss it. I feel I get a better burger for the money from Cook Out these days. But when I have the time and the money, 5 Guys is my burger joint of choice lately.

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