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The Metropolitan Apartments under construction. March 2018.

It has been a year since the 2017 fire and things are still not cleaned up on Jones Street.

The Link apartments seem back to normal on the outside and West Street is now open. The Metropolitan, shown above, is rising up again but across the street, there’s still lots of work to be done. The Quorum Center seems to be slowly replacing the entire facade that faces Jones and new brickwork is underway.

The Metropolitan Apartments under construction with the Quorum Center in the background. March 2018.

I can’t pretend to feel what those residents are going through still but I will toast it up tonight and hope that Spring 2018 brings leaves AND residents back to Jones Street.

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  1. I actually hope that the new owners of the N&O site build something a bit more “grand” or wait just a few more years and design/build something more worthy of this truly unique site. It really, really really just looks like a well thought-out tall box that does nothing to say, “I am on Nash Square in the capital city”! Imho

  2. Union Station will open April 30th. I’ll eat some of my own opinions about the Dillon. It looks a lot better than when it was under-construction. It’s still a shame it’s mostly just a parking deck but it okay–actually attractive to an extent. The Dillon and the One Glenwood will add a lot of height to West Downtown. Plus the Warehouse District has so few restaurants the Dillon plus the Union Station will easily double the nightlife of the the area.

  3. Heads up another Lincoln Theatre property will be sold. 116 Stronach’s Alley. It’s the next property south of the two other parcels that the City of Raleigh will sell. A tiny 0.09 acre strip of land. I’m going to assume the bidder will consolidate that property. Hillsborough @ Gardner, LLC has submitted a bid of $226,000.

  4. Where did u see April 30? I feel like for such a big project there’s been very little in the way of publicity or updates. I was able to ride the elevators of the parking deck of the Dillon up to the 8th floor and the views are amazing. Especially of Union Station, One Glenwood, and downtown. I took a few pics I need to figure out how to share.

  5. For those interested, Census numbers are out today for counties, MSAs and CSAs. To probably nobody’s surprise, Wake leads the Triangle and the state in growth with +23,060 to Mecklenburg’s +19,800. At those rates, Wake will pass Meck sometime next year. The Raleigh MSA lands at 1,335,079 while Wake lands at 1,072,203. The Triangle CSA lands at a hair’s breath under 2.2 million at 2,199,459 as of last July 1st.
    Wake continues to make up more than 50% of the entire Triangle’s growth and gobbles up a bigger percentage of the MSA and CSA as the years go by. One can make a strong argument that, from the data viewpoint, the Triangle’s real center is increasingly Raleigh centric.

  6. Attended the DIX park master plan presentation last night in the memorial auditorium. We have clearly chosen the appropriate design team to lead this overhaul. The stuff they have proposed and the overall vision they have for the space is incredible. Land bridges over western, and the rail line that divides the property. Reconditioning rocky branch into something useful and attractive. Very exciting stuff all around.

  7. @Drew, Thanks for the update! Do you know if the city promised to post that presentation online or if there is a video of the session to watch?

  8. Is there a timeframe for this or is it just a bunch of talk? Much like all of the proposed projects downtown that never seem to come to fruition.

  9. @Chad,

    It’s happening. It’s a city of Raleigh project so it isn’t at the whim of developers. Plus they just voted on Tuesday to pay the design firm $400,000 (extra?). That’s a whole lot of money just on wishful thinking.

  10. There is currently almost no money available to do anything at Dix. A non-profit is funding a big chunk of the master planning process. Whatever the final plan ends up being, it will be both a long range process, and an evolving plan. One of the workgroup’s is tasked with finding ways to generate revenue at Dix itself. E.g, there is a 1960’s chapel on site, and having weddings there would be a straight forward way to make some bucks there. Also there are some neat old industrial buildings down behind the main hospital that could sell concessions or host events or even be permanent commercial space. Also, there are many many old dorms there, and a small bunching of those could be boutique hotel space (like say up against Lake Wheeler where there isn’t any real open space to infringe upon). The revenue generating will surely enable other parts of the plan to happen faster. The Rocky Branch restoration could probably get some Federal funding to do that with, but some of that is loan money that has to be repaid (at generous terms). The main hospital is being talked about as a museum of sorts, and perhaps a nominal entry fee would help support that. Anyway, a lot is being discussed…

  11. Hey everyone. Simple question of like to throw out there. I’m a bit inspired with some other online communities and how others have fostered them with online platforms like Slack or a forum. For awhile I’ve thought it too much but I constantly go back and forth about hosting my own Dtraleigh forum.

    What do you think? If I got a forum running for us, and made it integrate with the blog content, would you participate? My ideal scenario would be to close blog post comments and encourage discussion in the forums.

    Rules and code of conduct would be enforced but the commenting system here would be closed.


  12. @Leo: A forum sounds like a marvelous idea! I would absolutely participate, and I would think it might encourage others to post more regularly. My only concern is that it might overlap a bit with the Triangle subforum of Urban Planet or Skyscraper City or City Data.

  13. This is pretty much the only blog I visit frequently. The only thing I don’t like is sometimes comments get buried because new posts pop up and everyone flocks to them. I would love a message board here. I promise to try not to be a troll.

  14. In City-Data, the Triangle’s sub-forum is the most active on the entire site. There definitely is a thirst for forum participation! What I like about the forum being for this site is that we can forgo talking about the burbs, other counties/cities, etc. and concentrate on issues that pertain to downtown Raleigh and immediate surrounds. If the moderation could be kept in check to DT and DT-ish issues, it would be wonderful! I’d totally participate. I’ll even donate again this year!

  15. For sure. I’d like to use a forum as a way on continuous updates and discussion. The blog would continue as normal but a post would also go on the forum as the beginning of a new topic or update on an existing one.

    This way, a thread would have everything underneath and anyone can jump in and catch up any time.

    Yes, DTR and relevant Raleigh topics only.

  16. I agree with others on this. I would love a forum. I especially like the focus on downtown Raleigh issues exclusively.

  17. Additionally, I think that this could be an excellent forum for the community to weigh in on proposed projects. Being specific to Raleigh might make it more authoritative.

    I look forward to experiencing the finished product! :)

  18. Focusing on downtown Raleigh only could lead us to miss out on the potential discussion about how downtown works within a regional context. I think that the natural inclination will be discussion about downtown, but making a hard and fast rule about only downtown is a huge mistake in my opinion.

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