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Construction site of The Metropolitan, December 2017

A crane has shown up at the site of The Metropolitan. The parking deck is being put together and foundation work has begun. It’s great to see the site being rebuilt after the fire in March of this year. The area nearby is undergoing a lot of change so it’s nice to see planned residential come through.

Hopefully, the roads will reopen sometime soon. Feels doubtful though as the Quorum Center is still in pretty bad shape from what can be seen on the outside.

Harrington Street, December 2017

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  1. Hi Leo
    Thank you for the pictures and update. I can only imagine how the residents in this area must feel, as I personally will be so glad to have this building completed and the area brought to some normalcy. Also I think that this area could benefit a great deal from the possible upcoming Kane redo of the state government complex. Just something to think about?

  2. Agreed with Daniel! Those boarded up windows in the Quorum have be going batty (I can only imagine how batty the people that *live* there must feel!) It’s the first thing you see when coming into Raleigh and it’s rather sad looking :'(

  3. Is there some fight happening with the insurance company? That’s ridiculous that they haven’t been repaired.

  4. All of the owners of the Quorum building just got fat insurance checks to completely remodel all of their units. If you think they are all just ‘fixing what was there versus completely remodeling their units, you are kidding yourselves. Add that to the fact that the actual fire damage ‘clean-up’ and 9 months is not that unusual. The windows will be the very last part to be finished. There is no need to have glass windows while the extensive work is being done on the interiors. They will replace the windows at one time most likely, not piecemeal as units are renovated.

  5. @Uncle Jesse. I know that there is at least one or two Quorum owners that post here. Why don’t we let them speak for themselves instead of others making assumptions about their situation?

  6. @UncleJesse. I don’t know who you are but you should not post absolute lies on any social media. Speak for yourself unless you have correct information. Your comment is ignorant and offensive and infuriating. I am a Quorum resident and we have been displaced from our homes since March 16, 2017. The construction company, Jenkins, just signed a contract last week and is to begin reconstruction soon. No resident has received money of any kind! The insurance company is going to pay the contractor to get the building back to its original state…no more, no less. In fact, your statement is horrifically offensive to those in our building less fortunate who did not have personal homeowners insurance and are therefore paying for their apartment rent and furniture storage until the project is complete. Jenkins has ordered the brick to replace the north facade and it should arrive in a few weeks. The windows have not been ordered but are high on the list of priorities. They may be able to do some interior work while the exterior work progresses but the only work up to now and for a while longer is safety related, ie getting fire walls rebuilt, restoring the electricity and elevators and alarm system, etc. The few units that were for sale have mostly been sold. There may be one or two still available. Otherwise all of the owners are waiting as patiently as we can to return to our homes. This has been painful for us so please have some consideration for your downtown neighbors. We love our homes and cannot wait to move back in. If anyone posts about our building again please contact Jenkins and/or our HOA Board for accurate information.

  7. I don’t think he said anything particularly rude except that the homeowners are getting fat checks, and I don’t think it was meant to be anything personal. Obviously everyone feels bad for the people who have been displaced. I know that my wife and I have been surprised how little progress seems to have happened at Quorum Center compared to the Link apartments that have been renovated, and the Metropolitan that has been torn down as is starting to rebuild. It’s been 9 months and the Quorum Center looks like nothing has been even started. Especially with all of the demolition for Capital and Peace, that whole area looks like a ghost town. It’s nice to hear some updates and information.

  8. The fat check is a big fat lie and extremely unhelpful and rude and he should not state easily disproved statements that can be hurtful and offensive. Please do not talk about our homes on social media unless you have true information.

  9. Being displaced from ones home due to any sort of disaster is never fun and never profitable. Even in the case of insurance, there are deductibles to be paid and major inconveniences. Plus, these owners still pay their mortgages, HOA dues, etc. while displaced and not living in the homes that they pay for. It’s not like they are living for free or living it up on someone else’s dime. Also, personal insurance policies have caps and many of those affected are likely to face out of pocket expenses if their coverage runs out.
    I didn’t get displaced by this fire but have had to deal with disasters in the past and it’s not fun.

  10. @gabe I share your sentiments in general, but building these apartments = denser residential in an area where people can walk to grocery, restaurants, and potentially work. The most sustainable cities in the world are just that: cities. Better to have 300 people living on 2 acres rather than those 300 spread out across 0.25 acre lots that were clear cut for housing

  11. Topic Change!!!! An article just popped up on TBJ that a deal has been inked for the hotel across Morgan Street from One Glenwood. It is a subscriber only article, so if anyone has a subscription, please sure info. Thanks.

  12. Break from the pearl clutching: biz journal is reporting on the deal being finalized for the boutique hotel next to one glenwood. We sort of knew it was coming but good to see it going forward. Origin website calls for 126 rooms/suites, wine and tapas restaurant, cold pressed juice counter, gym with rogue equipment and bikeshare.

  13. Saw the design drawings on TBJ, looks like a big rectangular box. However, I like to think long term, and as long as it has a good street presence, I know this will bring more business to downtown. It is a long game, but more hotels = more business = more residential = more hotels = more business, and so on. 5 years from now, Glenwood Ave is going to be filled with so many cool things, it will be awesome, more awesome than it already is.

  14. The William Peace growth plan is what I’m expecting! Instead of just buying more land they’re maximizing the use of their property. Looks like the surface lot facing Peace St will be removed for either their plan for a new gym or new dormitory. I’m assuming that any parking will probably be built as part of a multi-use structure instead of another surface lot. Cool stuff.

  15. Excited to see the new hotel.. however disappointed in appearance. Looks like a hospital. This is such a prime location which will have amazing views. This hotel should be something unique and different.

  16. Is the Origin Hotel a different project from the Two Glenwood hotel that is being planned? What brand of hotel would that one be?

  17. ORIGIN Raleigh – Debuting 2019
    – 126 Designer Rooms and Suites
    – Short Walk to Union Station
    – Wine and Tapas Restaurant
    – Cold-Pressed Juice Counter
    – Locally-Sourced Coffee
    – Gym with Rogue Equipment
    – Bike Sharing
    – Meeting Space

  18. I like the look of it. I mean it is a hotel. Cant expect it to blow our minds. Unless it was a large premium hotel i guess.

  19. @Robert B. I hear what you’re saying about the design but it’s a hotel. this is how hotels are designed. They are rectangles with rooms flanking central corridors. This is especially true for these low/midrise versions. For me, it’s more important to concentrate on the sidewalk activity and experience. This is what’s really important to the urban experience.
    After reading their “mission” page, it sure seems like they are marketing to the millennial & hipster crowd. This should be interesting to watch as it develops.

  20. The Lexington Hotel is out in their bubs and has a very different context than our urban hotel. Their’s is part of a small North Hills-ish type shopping district dropped down into a sea of single family homes, and across the street from a Walmart that’s also a block down the street from a mall.

  21. @John532: The aesthetic seems to be much nicer on the Lexington. How ever I do realize the look of our Origin hotel may change.

  22. Designs typically change through the process. I never look at initial renderings and expect the final design to be reflected of it.

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