Winter 2017 Restaurant Roundup


Vidrio is now open in Glenwood South

For this restaurant update, the energy seems to be building in and around Moore Square. There are a few delicious places to try now as well as ones to look forward to this year.

For a complete list of eats, drinks, and coffees in and around downtown, make sure to bookmark the DT Eats page. Try something new!

  • We’ll first start out in Glenwood South as LM Restaurants has delivered a very unique experience in Vidrio. Located at the corner of Tucker and Glenwood, Vidrio is one of LM’s platinum restaurants and a truly Mediterranean experience. The place impresses for sure.
  • The Cardinal, a house turned bar on West Street north of Peace Street, is now open. In addition to drinks, they serve cheap hot dogs, which are pretty good actually especially with a great view of downtown Raleigh.
  • Cafe Helios has closed and in its place, the folks behind Jose and Sons, a Mexican restaurant in the warehouse district, are creating a new concept called The Cortez Restaurant.
  • A craft beer bar, with the sign suggesting it will be called, “Craft Beer Bar”, is going into the former Eden Lounge and convenience store near Glenwood and Hillsborough Street.
  • Work continues on a new bar called 616 Glenwood in the former Harry’s Guitar Shop.
  • Tobacco Road Sports Cafe has now reopened on Jones Street, where Natty Greene’s used to be in the Raleigh Electric Company Power House.
  • In their former location in the 222 Glenwood building, La Santa Modern Mexican is planned. You can follow their progress on their Facebook page.
  • On Hillsborough Street, The District is now open in The Dawson.
  • Hopping over to Fayetteville Street, the quick turnover of Bolt Bistro into Pizza La Stella is finished and the new restaurant is now open.
  • Tir Na Nog is back! After closing from their long-time home on Blount Street, the bar is back open on Hargett Street next to The London Bridge Pub. Last I was there, it was a bar only with plans for additions and a small food menu in the near future.
  • The Busy Bee has closed but quickly changed concepts to Trophy Tap and Table, which is now open.
  • Another change on Wilmington Street, Joule has closed and a new concept is in the works. St. Roch Oyster + Bar is being worked on and you can follow them on their Facebook page.
  • Cursed location? The restaurant space in the bottom of the Progress Energy building is turning over again and Tulum Restaurant and Bar, a Mayan-themed restaurant, is close to opening. You can check them out on their Facebook page.
  • Scott Crawford’s new place, Crawford and Son, is now open on Person Street.
  • Ending the tour at Moore Square, Royale, an American bistro, is now open at the corner of Blount and Martin Streets. Check out the Royale burger below.

This burger. My goodness!

A photo posted by Leo Suarez (@dtraleigh) on

  • You can now get gelato, and crepes and waffles all at the same time by the way, in downtown at Amorino, which is now open along Davie Street in The Edison.
  • City Market Sushi has opened on Blake Street in City Market.
  • The Outpost, a tiki-themed bar at the corner of Hargett and Person, is now open.
  • The segway shop Triangle Glides moved out of their large space along Blount Street. A new restaurant is coming there from those behind the Pho Nomenal Dumpling food truck called Mofu Shoppe. Follow them on Facebook.
  • Sitting empty for years, the retail shop in The Edison parking deck facing Blount will now have a tenant. Growler USA is craft beer pub chain that is rapidly expanding and will open their first Raleigh location here.
  • Brewery Bhavana, the brewery and dim sum restaurant, continues to come along.

So proud of this project! A true collaboration with friends. Can't wait to see @brewerybhavana come to life!!!!

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  • Raleighwood Provisions, a local foods store located in The Edison, continues coming together. You can follow them on Instagram and if you haven’t, read about them in this N&O article.
  • A new coffee shop called Sir Walter Coffee is planned for, you guessed it, The Edison building. They claim to be a coffee, tea, and bottle shop.
  • Downtown’s Taz is getting close on Oak City Market House of Fresh in the Skyhouse Tower. The place will be a small market and deli. They are now hiring. Take a look here.

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  1. Awesome round up, Leo! Thank you. I have a reservation at Vidrio this coming Thursday… can’t wait to check it out! Hopefully it’ll live up to the hype though so far I haven’t seen a bad review yet.

  2. Not a restaurant but the new dollar general mini is open under the Edison apartments. Hours are 7am – 11pm everyday. It’s actually pretty nice inside too. Great addition for us east downtowners.

  3. If this MLS thing doesn’t happen and Malik insists that he is committed to DT Raleigh, let’s see him build some high end boutique hotels. Let’s see him fund a permanent urban Amphitheater. Let’s see him fund a significant DT retail project. Let’s see him build a multiscreen urban model theater. Let’s see him develop some affordable micro apartments for young people who are currently priced out of the DT market. Let’s see him redevelop the Cargill site.
    Let’s also see him be the example to other wealthy locals to take an interest in shaping our city’s future instead of just locking themselves behind the gates of their suburban mansions.

  4. @John532, Why show animosity towards Steve Malik? He doesn’t own hotels or movie theaters. He owns soccer teams. And he wants to use his soccer teams to help better the community (i.e. Invest in DT, invest in local soccer organizations, be examples and lead fight against HB2 and gerrymandering). Such aggressive tones from the public would deter growth in DT, not increase it.

  5. @Paul. I am not showing animosity. I am suggesting. God forbid that the citizens of the city should ask leaders to step in the communities that have been a big part of making them who they are today.

  6. Leo, any idea what’s going on with Stones Warehouse? I drove by it yesterday and there’s no work happening on it. Demo work was supposed to start before the end of 2016.

  7. He says he has “urban”. North Hills isn’t ‘urban’. I know he has 1-2 sites in and around downtown. Keep in mind any site off S. Saunders is also next to Wilmington so any mini-van can make it safely in and out of the urban jungle back to their comfortable beige world in Cary, Apex, Holly Spr………Sorry I dozed off for a second..

  8. Uncle Jesse,
    So salty, haha. I feel you though, I grew up down there. It’s pretty boring.

    There’s a LOT of potential for urban mid-rise infill between MLK and 40. A soccer stadium would be a nice addition, especially if it defined the character (like Fenway or Wrigleyville).

  9. Since this is regarding RESTAURANT Week .. and NOT Soccer (which it would be better to have baseball).

    Two restaurants on your list Leo that I see and LOVE are The Cardinal and Vidrio. Cardinal is such a great spot with a nice view and GREAT hot dogs. Nice neighborhood bar vibe. And the Vidrio.. if you haven’t been.. you have to go. There is nothing else like it in Raleigh. The atmosphere is incredible! I almost feel like i’m not even in Raleigh when I go in there. Whether you go there for food or just to the bar for a drink… GREAT spot!

  10. Tampa Bay & San Diego submitted their soccer bid yesterday afternoon , Monday the 30th . There are now 12 cities that are bidding for a team . San Diego will build a 30,000 seat stadium & Detroit will build a 25,000 seat stadium . Phoenix has joined in ! MLS will interview in person , every owner that submitted their bid .

  11. Saw the ‘public support’ comment in there which translates into some sort of public investment ; either land, roads, etc. From what I understand, Malik intends to fund the entire franchise fee along with the stadium without public dollars($300MM), unlike several of the bidders including ‘charlotte usa’. This said, Raleigh is one of the smaller markets battling. Metro is only larger than Nashville. I’m not the biggest soccer guy myself but I recognize how transformational landing a franchise and a stadium Downtown could be for the City now and into the future. charlotte is probably our biggest competitor here. I’m baffled that owners who have supported the redneck and heavily racist NASCAR (2000 left turns is not a ‘sport’) are even in the running here (FYI: I’m born & bred NC) but they do bring money and experience running an ‘entertainment event’; something Malik lacks.

    WE NEED TO DEMONSTRATE OUR SUPPORT LOUDLY. PURCHASE SEASON TICKETS FOR NCFC FOR STARTERS!!! Tickets can be purchased at all sorts of price levels but if we can show Raleigh and the regions support through ticket sales that could be HUGE for the region’s bid.

  12. “owners who have supported the redneck and heavily racist NASCAR”

    who pissed in your cornflakes?

    No reason for that crap here

  13. I really want to actively support this soccer franchise, but I simply cannot do that until and unless I know that the stadium is set for downtown. Sorry to those who disagree with me for sitting it out, but I’ve lived here a long time, and watched too many things that should be downtown end up as islands somewhere out in the suburbs. North Hills? That just wouldn’t work for me.

  14. I would much rather have the riverwalk with restaurants and retail over MLS. I love the water feature Durham has.. fun, creative and looks amazing. I wish we could do something similar. We have the water already in place. We just need to do something with it.

  15. we are NOT getting a ‘riverwalk’. We might get a glorified greenway next to a creek (Pigeon Creek/Crabtree) but we need to stop talking about a non-existent ‘riverwalk’ that’s basically become urban legend.

    Unless they channel the Neuse south, we are not getting a riverwalk in the way some of you think (ie: San Antonio). You can’t simply take a waterway and turn it into a commercial endeavor any longer without major pushback from regulators and municipal governments. Not to mention the cost of trying to create a fabricated ‘fake river’ (aka: charlotte usa) is not only a waste of dollars, its just that ‘fake’. The City has much higher priorities which to invest that have tangible short-term ROI. Regardless of whether you like/don’t like soccer; an MLS stadium in downtown has the opportunity to deliver major ROI in a short window.

    For those that don’t like my shot at Nascar, my apologies but it’s hard to argue against my statement with any credibility, even if it was a bit inflammatory.

  16. @TheNightHawk are you suggesting Crabtree creek or Pigeon Branch when you say that we have the water in place? It would be cool to have a natural water feature even if it wasn’t right DT – not sure how attractive Devereux Meadows will be once it’s complete, but imagine a redeveloped West street north of Peace with retail/restaurants that abuts the flood plain park, maybe with a bridge over the creek from businesses to the grassy areas…

  17. Hey @Evan.. Pigeon. yes, those are my thoughts as well. I think that area has great potential for something you just described.

    Would love to see some sort of water feature brought to live in that area… with the kane development going in with hopefully a publix, residential and retail along with a renovation of seaboard with harris teeter.. this will be a very popular area. So if someone could go in north of peace on west and develop some maybe 3 store building (1 floor retail / restaurant / bar) with condos over top.. looking over a nice water feature. Or if we could somehow implement something similar to what they have in durham somewhere.. I think that would be awesome!

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