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The Dillon Warehouse

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The Dillon Supply Company warehouse is mostly gone and the walls that are planned to be saved as part of the new development, The Dillon, have been braced up by steel supports.

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  1. Wow, Can’t wait to see the finishing results. This will surely change the Warehouse District, I hope to see some High Rise Hotels and Offices around the area.

  2. Well Mark no.2 have you seen this rendering?
    I don’t know how real of a proposal it is, but it’s real enough to be on their website. Perhaps it’s just a marketing mock-up for the current owner…anyone someone is thinking or pushing hotel on that corner to round out the food court and north Dillion apartment building.

  3. The Ark Royal is a cool midrise building. Other than the Dillon office tower, I doubt there will be any highrises built in the warehouse district at any point in the near future. We’ll continue to see the same type of 5-8 story stick built buildings that we’ve seen all over downtown for the past decade.

  4. I actually think that this look will be a cool combination of old and new…I am really starting to like the look!

  5. RE: Ark Royal, yes, please! DTR is begging for more thoughtfully designed buildings. Speaking of…can anyone comment on the status of HA’s E. Martin concept, which is just stunning.

  6. The Central CAC Meeting will be on 7-11-16 @ 401 Martin Luther King Blvd. John P. Greene Center . The developer , Above the Fold , LLC will be there to discuss the project in detail concerning The N&O Site ! They are requesting a rezoning of up to 40 stories with conditions !

  7. Dave, regarding Martin Street: Believe that building is now going to be renovated for a restaurant.

  8. @Dwight
    Do you think any news organizations will cover this meeting?
    And is the developer really called, “Above The Fold”?

  9. @ Leo
    I am sure that I speak for everyone when I say, thank you!
    As always, you are there for those who can’t attend these types of meetings and it is greatly appreciated! ?

  10. Robert , I’m not sure ! The Central CAC News Letter stated the agenda that said representatives from Above The Fold , LLC would be @ the meeting to give details & answer questions on the N&O project .

  11. Hope this project is a centerpiece to our skyline. There aren’t many prime locations like this that will be available for a while. Can’t lie, I’m pretty disappointed with the new height proposed for Charter North. I believe Charter North and Edison are going to miss the boat on this round of development because of the N&O site as well as the Dillon.

  12. Robert, Thanks a lot. I’ll take notes and post them here on the blog. The Central CAC meetings can be interesting especially when it involves high-rise development in the downtown core.

  13. Thanks for attending Leo. That building on the corner of Martin/Salisbury has some layers to it (looking on google maps), but the main block looks to be just shy of an acre (a square Raleigh block is exactly 4 acres). The retail mention, is much needed and should work well in that area. Obviously this is a phased in sort of deal…I would imagine any hotel would face Nash Sq (as did several hotels back in the day). That would leave the center of the block facing each way to put something as high as they can justify going. This is indeed probably the best remaining site for something tall.

  14. @ Leo
    Agree with Mark, I do. Thank you in advance for attending and for getting an unbiased report as well. Who knows, maybe they will have a rough sketch/drawing for you to take an IPhone pic of? ?

    @ Leo and Dwight
    Do either of you believe that the city or developer thinks that this block could realistically be the place for Raleigh’s new tallest building?

  15. I’m still having trouble figuring out how Charter North can be 23 stories at 255ft. Skyhouse is 23 stories and 264 ft and its all residential. Judging by the pictures online, they look to have 8 foot ceilings. I’m not sure how mixed use with ground floor retail could possibly be 23 stories and 255 feet tall. Charter south is LEED certified and its my understanding that comes with higher ceilings. Am I correct assuming that Charter North will be LEED certified as well? North is 11 stories, 210 feet correct? Granted its all commercial but still…

  16. Daniel, I have also been trying to figure that out, but it seems that it is quite possible. For instance, Skyhouse has 9-foot ceilings and floor-to-floor height of about 11.5 feet. According to the JDavis website, Charter Square North will have 10 floors of office space. If the floor-to-floor height of the office portion is 12 feet and the floor-to-floor height of the residential part is 10 feet (with 8-foot ceilings), that adds up to just about 250-255 feet. These floor-to-floor heights are basically the minimum for office and residential, respectively, but they are still acceptable. If they were to pursue LEED certification, that would certainly add some space between floors, but I don’t believe they are.
    Anyway, those are just my calculations, and they could be way off.

  17. @ Robert , I honestly don’t know ! My friend did say that one bldg. would be over 20 stories but less than 25 stories . The developer does want the rezoning to be up to 40 stories . The second bldg. is suppose to be a hotel & the 3rd Bldg. is ? ! No height is mention on these two bldgs .

  18. @ Simon , Charter North is not on the council’s agenda for July 5th meeting . I was hoping that it would be .

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