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Harrington Street, September 2016

Looking up at the crane over the site of The Dillon, it gives you a sense of what kind of presence the new building will be along Harrington Street. (assuming the crane is at its highest height, not to be raised later, of course)

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  1. I’m excited about Dillon project too and thanks @Rob for link to potential redevelopment possibilities of parcels in and around Legends. I hope something great comes from that.

    I read the other day in N&O that it is costing $750,000 to save walls and other elements of the Dillon warehouse. All I can say is wow, just wow. Kane was quoted as saying it’s worth the cost. He certainly knows more about it than I do.

  2. I hope they put a bar with craft beer as we need some of those. Bartenders with attitude, need some of them, too. *** Small businesses will be priced out so all you will have will be generic business run by people from New Jersey. Boring….

  3. Arthur, all the Bud Light and Red Bull and vodka you could ever want can be found at Alchemy, Cornerstone and Ugly Monkey. Ruby Tuesday is in Cross Roads, as is plenty of parking if you are hungry. Perhaps bartenders would be nicer to you if you stopped waving money around in their faces. LPT, people don’t like that. Some of us own property downtown and actively spend as much money as we can on our wants and needs to support the places we like. For me that is all six of the ‘craft beer’ bottle shops among many other things. So you can blame me for all the things that trouble you about downtown. As for places like Ugly Monkey and Alchemy…I just walk a wide route around them on the weekends (luckily amateur drinkers tend to only come out on the weekend) and keep my mouth shut except perhaps when in the company of others who have tastes similar to mine.

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