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If you haven’t been by in awhile, there is a lot of activity taking place around The Dillon site. The parking deck is starting to rise up and both apartment buildings are in the beginning phases of their work. I’m referring to the ones on both sides of Hargett Street.

Enjoy the VR view, taken on February 21 as I get back into my blog rhythm.

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  1. @Leo – thanks!

    The Dillon is definitely my favorite project happening in Raleigh right now. The warehouse district is going to be awesome!

  2. As someone who has been in the Raleigh since 1998 this is a big change for a location which was home to nice little dive/gay bars. They will have to stop calling it The Wharehouse district and call the the Audi district!

  3. If anyone’s curious, these are part of the “Van Alen” project which is directly east of the DBAP. Then, just to the east of them is a 4-part project that includes some mid-rise apartments, and eventually two or three more high-rises. West of the Tobacco District is a big Kia lot that was recently sold to Capitol Broadcasting (like 11 acres for $29 million), so total there’s like 30 acres of new development planned or under construction next to the ballpark.

  4. Well said Jeff! Now maybe people will stop complaining about the topic of a soccer stadium downtown…..wait, who am I kidding?

  5. @ Steve , Now that worries me a little , Jim Goodmon / Capitol Broadcasting , 11 acres , soccer stadium ? , Jim Jr. being a big part of this project ! I hope that I am WAY OFF !

  6. @Jeff,
    Hahaha, sure 20 years after it opened. Honestly, this is happening because Durham is out of big warehouses to redevelop (the last one, the Chesterfield, will finish up this year) and it had three auto dealerships downtown that were wasting lots of valuable space. The car dealerships waited until downtown was ready to build rather than renovate.

    I wouldn’t be too worried about it. The Goodnights have basically said they want to expand the ATHD west (especially the start-up incubators like American Underground).

  7. Well, Wake County Board of Commissioners met with team reps and is issuing a public letter of support. Doubt they would do that without knowing that the stadium would be in Wake County.

    As excited as I am about MLS, I agree with many others that this discussion is played out and best left to rest until firm info is released. The incessant speculation is very annoying. I’m just thankful we’re not even considering baseball!!

  8. Subsequently, if anyone’s interested in Durham developments there are over a dozen major projects in the works downtown that will eliminate a lot of surface parking and really string together the disparate parts of downtown (the DBAP, Central Park, Loop, Brightleaf, and east side). This specific project (Van Alen) will have a rooftop bar overlooking the baseball field and panoramic views of downtown.

  9. I happy to see the growth of both Downtowns. Improved transit will further fuel this type of growth. I hope that we can truly leverage this investment beyond Downtown.

    Back to the ‘Pic of the Week’, has anyone heard anything about the potential sale of the property that Legends sits on?

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