Charter Square Accident

Downtown Raleigh will keep moving along but I wanted to put something up here for those that were injured and lost their lives putting together a piece of something that we keep an eye on constantly here on the blog.

Please take a pause or a moment of silence sometime soon for the families and friends of those hurt or lost.

  • Jose Erasmo Hernandez
  • Jose Luis Lopez-Ramirez
  • Anderson Almeida
  • Elmer Guevara (injured)

3 dead, 1 injured in downtown Raleigh construction accident via WRAL

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  1. My thoughts and prayers to the families of the three workers who died in the accident. I hope that the injured worker will recover and not become the 4th victim.

    While I love to talk about skyscrapers and high rises I cannot forget those who make such projects happen. I am truly sorry for the families of the 3 dead workers and I hope that the developer will dedicate a place in the lobby to honor the memory of those who sacrificed their lives in such a brutal way while helping to make Charter Square a reality.

    Hopefully, accidents like this will not happen, or at least will not happen often or cost many lives.

  2. My hope is that families that these men leave behind receive justice and restitution in the event that the contractor or subcontractor is found negligent in their deaths. The children that they leave behind are now fatherless and the livelihood that supported their lives is erased. This must be addressed. They must not be forgotten.

  3. The Raleigh Connoisseur might well be the best local blog I follow – Leo I am grateful for the caring you take in sharing all things Downtown Raleigh and especially those things that matter most… “the people who help build it and live there”.

    My thoughts and prayers are with these families.

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