Charter Square Crane Rises

Over the weekend, and even on Easter Sunday, crews assembled the tower crane at the Charter Square construction site. The southern tower will be built first while the second is still in the planning stages.

Click the image to enjoy to a multi-stitch, high resolution view of the Charter Square construction site and the southern end of Fayetteville Street.

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  1. About Time, So what about the property across the street.looks like they can build another office tower there as well. At least a 30 story tower office/hotel like the Doomed Soleil Center that was to be built at Crabtree.That should of been built Downtown.

  2. There are a number of heavily unused parking lots in downtown that can be converted to building use. ESP the one you are referring to, Mark.

  3. Exactly Jake Anthony, that parking lot across from the soon to be built Charter Square should be another high rise office tower or Hotel.

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