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The L under construction
The L is under construction and will bring residential units to the corner of McDowell and Davie Streets. It’s kind of fun to watch it fill and be done after so many years.

Six years ago, we watched the parking deck rise and heard about a stalled The L office building.

But seven years ago, the land was being cleared for this parking deck and The L while the convention center was under construction.

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  1. Also interesting is the contrast in progress compared to Skyhouse, which started construction around the same time and is currently working on the 15th floor.

  2. Well, the Skyhouse contractor has control of their own site and has staging area to spare in comparison. They’ve also built quite a few of them.

  3. A Raleigh offical told me that Skyhouse was working 3 8 hr. shifts around the clock but I’m not sure if this is 24/7 . He said but I can’t remember the 24/7 part .
    Dwight Nipper

  4. Dwight, most nights no one is working on Skyhouse. And yes, I get why they have an advantage, but it’s like not even close! LOL

  5. The developers from Skyhouse have built several other identical buildings, which makes it easier to replicate. Plus the design is a little easier considering they don’t have to integrate it with a separate building.

    I can’t wait to see what the L Building looks like when it’s completed. That particular block has always seemed so empty. Maybe next they can take over that parking lot in front of it.

  6. ^I second the parking lot thing, Eric. We have too many flat, unused parking lots in downtown that could be turned into some beautiful buildings…

  7. I park in that garage every morning and cannot wait for some retail to go into the space. Would love to grab a morning coffee or bagel on my 2 block walk to work. Hope something happens on the 2 corners that are underutilized.

  8. Skyhouse is behind but working 3 shifts. The night shift is interior. A floor a week. They are pumping some concrete. I got a onsite tour :)

  9. I want that parking lot across from The L to be converted into something like “The EpiCentre” in Charlotte. Would fit perfectly with the Convention Center, Progress Energy Center, amphitheater, and the hotels nearby. It just makes so much sense for the entertainment district.

    Union Station will have retail and food places, but this “EpiCentre” idea in that parking lot is a passion of mine.


  10. ooooooo ^trayNTP that would be AWESOME! Even if something like that doesn’t end up across from the L, it would be a GREAT addition to Raleigh ANYWHERE! If not there, maybe in the Warehouse District? Possibly right around Union Station?

  11. I had an idea for Raleigh that would be a great tourist attraction as well; think about how NY has “little Italy” and Chinatown (as does other cities), well, given the large population of Indian immigrants in the Triangle, imagine if Raleigh built a small area somewhere in the city as a “Little India” of sorts- a super authentic looking city walk that would have Indian restaurants, shops, maybe sidewalk merchants (like a farmers market, maybe a spice market, colorful awnings/decor – how unique and AWESOME would that be? Between that, and something like that “EpiCentre” trayNTP suggested, it could really increase tourism here!!

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