NCSU Landscape Architects Show Off Vision For Capital Blvd on First Friday

First Friday is filled with tons of great events and things to see. Since we’ve been following the Capital Boulevard corridor study, there’s one event I wanted to highlight. Landscape architecture students from NC State will be showing off some of their designs for the Capital Blvd corridor at the Urban Design Center tomorrow starting at 6pm.

Currently, the corridor study is pretty wide open so new ideas are welcome. I’m hoping to see designs for the corridor that balances the people aspects, sidewalks, parks, with the need for transit, mainly cars, which is what currently dominates there.

Urban Design Center
133 Fayetteville Street

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  1. Like most landscape architecture exhibits, I expect one really good solution, two fairly good solutions, and 17 fanciful pieces of crap.

  2. Good seeing you out there last night, Leo. Interesting ideas presented, looking forward to something being done in this area. Most things I saw are obviously better than the current situation in Devereux Meadows.

  3. It was a good showing for sure. I think all of the designs had a few common themes; opening up Pidgeon House Branch creek and bringing more green spaces around it.

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