Turkey Day Musings

Blogging has been slow but work continues behind the scenes on a new project for the website. This I hope to share within a few weeks and hopefully gets the ball rolling. In the mean time, here’s a topic for everyone to discuss over the weekend.

If you didn’t know already, the acorn in Moore Square was damaged during the tornadoes in April 2011. A few weeks ago, the council approved some money to repair it so that it could be used at First Night, downtown’s New Year’s Eve party. Could it actually have been a good idea to leave the damage in the acorn as a way to remember the tornadoes of 2011? After the trees in the cemeteries are finally cleaned up, the acorn would have been the last thing to remember this event by.

One city councilor was thinking about this back then.

– bonnergaylord

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  1. I think that fixing it at a later time would be fine. Currently, the money can be better spent elsewhere, but this is one of those “damn if you do, damn if you don’t” cases. If the acorn had any historic significance – and I don’t mean just being old – then I would say that fixing it would probably be the best thing. If the tornadoes were a historic event, then I’d say keep it as is. Tornadoes are devastating to everyone and everything that stands on their path, but they are not historic by any stretch of imagination.

    Just my 2 cents…

  2. I think it has more charm with the small dent that happened from the tornado. It’s a conversation piece and adds a bit of a reminder of what happened then. I hope it stays.

  3. Why fix it when the money can be better spent on more essential items. For instance how about an inflatable toilet for the Public Works Dept. to use in the Christmas Parade?

  4. Fix it. The tornadoes were by no means that eventful to be immortalized by a dent. Also it looks like vandalism unlike the crack in the liberty bell which was a manufacturing defect.

  5. The tornado happened – such is life. Saving money right now is always a good thing – and a dent adds character and a story. It is neither good nor bad but thinking makes it so.

  6. Any pictures of this apartment in downtown Raleigh called “The Gramercy”?

    Most could care less about a bananna company having their HQ here in Charlotte or for that matter here in Raleigh, I understand is is an HQ, but it is a low brain power operation to run that company, – not hi tech or impressive at all).
    Raleigh needs to start (today) developing a large and very tall office/service area of downtown to bring in HQ’s. Level the whole area of the warehouse district and develop it with 30-50 story buildings, shopping, food service, transportation and start bringing in tech, bio, etc companies to our downtown

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