Restaurant Roundup Spring Teaser Edition

It’s a little early for the springtime tease around here but I’m alright with it. The warmer days have been bringing people out and last weekend was phenomenal for the sidewalk activity in downtown Raleigh. It was lively and so were the outdoor seating at downtown’s restaurants.

I feel like the restaurant news comes in waves so let’s list off some of the newer developments since the last roundup.

  • Cherry Bomb Grill is not closing. Its undergoing some changes as well as a name change.
  • RBC Plaza will get its first business in the ground floor retail spaces. According to Sue Stock at the N&O it will be a pan Asian restaurant.
  • There is a great piece on Ashley Christensen by the N&O’s Andrea Weigl that mentions plans for the space at the corner of Wilmington and Martin. (pictured above) Two restaurants and a basement bar are planned here.
  • Bogart’s in Glenwood South will close up shop after this Sunday, Feb. 27th.
  • Not so new but a Mediterranean restaurant called The Artisan has opened up where Sauced Pizza was in Glenwood South.

And according to this tweet below, a pie shop is opening up soon on Person Street.

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  1. I’ve had pies [both sweet and savory] from PieBird and they are delicious.

    I highly recommend anyone in the area check it out!

  2. Any news on whether “Rocky Top” will re-open the Boagart’s space with a new concept? I guess I just assumed that they were re-working the theme/making a change, but there are rumblings that the lease was up and the rent was going to increase drastically. I hope they aren’t abandoning that space and they open a new concept or somebody moves in soon. I am sure that location will become more desirable as the Hampton Inn begins construction.

    Also, any news on the Glenwood South Ale House. I think that would be a great addition to downtown, especially with a roof top bar looking over the skyline!

  3. Also (sorry for the double post) I can’t wait for th new Ashley Christinesen restaurant to open up. Sounds like a great concept, and a cool use of space. If the basement “cocktail” bar is anything close to foundation it will be a solid addition to downtown.

  4. Rocky Top is not renewing their lease for the Bogart’s space. The building owners are looking for a new restaurant tenant.

    Hi 5 and Red Room have renewed their leases, and will continue as Rocky Top restaurants, although they may close temporarily as they undergo some type of makeover. I’m hearing that the use of late night dance floors will no longer be tolerated by the building owners.

  5. The Cherry Bomb Grill was a disappointment when I visited. Standard greasy bar food with the waitresses dressed in skimpy 50’s themed costumes.

    I know it’s hard to live up to Joe’s Place, but I hope we get something a little more original and tasty with the renovation.

  6. @dwight I think they are going back to a standard beer bar, gastropub theme. Fresh locally sourced ingredients, simple menus and good beer always win out over a theme

    @jesdelaney So is the dance floor moratorium the reason for the non-renewed lease? I am guessing this would hurt red-room and Hi5 the most…yet they seemed to have renewed. Why would the owner care?

  7. 510 is a premium building, where the restaurants only take up less than 20% of the building space. The other 80% are offices and residents, who are not happy about the clientele that have begun to frequent the downstairs restaurants during late night hours.

    It’s difficult for restaurant owners located in the more expensive space at 510 to compete against the purely lounge/bars in the area. Better to refocus on food.

  8. I got an email back from Ale House re glenwood rooftop this past week. they said theyre shooting for jan 2012. not sure why a rooftop bar would want to open in the middle of winter, but im sure it will be delayed because it was supposed to be 2011 and is still listed as such on their website.

  9. Any word on Tyler’s supposedly opening in Seaboard Station? Seems that one has flown off the radar.

  10. @RaleighRob: Unless there is a space over there that I don’t know about, or somebody is closing down I am guessing the Tyler’s to Seaboard rumor is dead. Phydeaux moved into the old Cap City Grocery space a few months ago, which was the space that was rumored to end up Tyler’s.

    Its a great pet store by the way, I suggest everyone stop by if they haven’t already.

  11. RaleighRob and hackles10,

    I just got an email back from Tyler’s corporate as follows:


    Thank you for the email. The Raleigh location will be in Seaboard Station. It could be 4-6 months depending on construction, permits, etc. There is a Tyler’s in Apex as well, if you don’t want to drive all the way to Durham.

    Best Regards!

  12. @Jeff,
    Thanks for the info. I guess I am going to need someone with a little more Seaboard knowledge to let me know where its going to be. I guess Tookies is closed now, so it could be using part of that space. Or it could be taking over an existing lease of someone who is moving out. I guess I, along with others always just assumed they were eying the old Cap City Grocery space.

  13. @hackles- There is actually a big empty space that’s kinda behind Ace and Peace China…mostly faces that huge back parking lot. I think that’s where Tyler’s was aiming at.

    @Jeff…thanks for the update!
    That email was funny in a way…if I were to drive out of Raleigh just for Tylers I’d probably not set foot into Apex and just go to Durham or Carrboro. LOL ;-)

  14. The Capital City Grocery space was taken by Phydeaux months ago.

    Tyler’s is going in the same building as 18 Seaboard, on the ground floor, in the corner bounded by the Peace College tennis courts and Seaboard Ave. There are no windows in the space yet, which is why nobody knows it’s there. Reliable sources say that they’ve also leased the now empty Tookie’s Grill space, which is adjacent.

  15. ^thanks for the clarification Joe.

    On a note related to the original post…I ate one last time at Bogarts last night. Hadn’t been there in a few months and it hit me that we’re probably gonna miss the place more than I initially realized. The classy joint with its pictures of 30s/40s movie stars and jazz, swing, and big band playing while we try out a menu of several martini’s. It was unique for sure.

  16. Couldn’t believe that Bogart’s was going to close :( I live near Michael Dean’s and when I saw that place closed I thought they were planning on a major renovation, or they moved. Then I figured that they are probably closed for good. Now I realize that the company that owned them both is probably in trouble, or they are cutting their losses. Too bad, because they created several good quality venues for Raleigh.

  17. @Ernest: They may or may not be in trouble, but from reading online rumors, it sounds like Michael Deans is going to be a Tribeca Tavern, and they feel they can be more profitable by expanding that theme. Also, sounds like Bogarts may have had issues with rental increases, late night dance parties, etc. Not sure what is accurate, but Red Room and Hi5 are not closing and they are owned by the same group.

  18. hackles10, I appreciate your input. I would hate to see such a great collection of local stores closing because of financial issues. I guess a few new venues would not hurt, just as long as people who depend on those restaurants for employment don’t stay out of work for long. At the end, they will be the ones to have the toughest times, particularly if a large group of restaurants goes out of business.

    I can’t wait to see what will replace Bogart’s. With the new Hampton Inn coming across from there, I would assume it will be something unique, decent and affordable. Travelers would definitely support it if the food is good, the atmosphere is inviting and the prices are right.

  19. A new restaurant is coming to City Market (Blount at Martin) “in late spring”, according to a local newspaper article. It will be called Battistella’s New Orleans Kitchen. The chef/owner is a Hurricane Katrina refugee whose family once owned the oldest fish market in New Orleans. He is now planning to make a go of it in downtown Raleigh.

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