Two-way Conversion on Morgan Street

It may have gone unnoticed since the construction work was at night but Morgan street is well underway to becoming a two-directional street. This applies to the section west of downtown, as the city’s press release states.

On a recent walk up and down the street, I noticed some new pedestrian crossing signals at the intersection of St. Mary’s Street and Boylan Avenue. Looking at it now, the roundabout at Hillsborough and Morgan is also very pedestrian friendly. This is a nice plus for the downtown walkers coming in and out from the west.

Downtown to the NC State Bell Tower should be a very nice walk once the construction is done.

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  1. St. Mary’s Street doesn’t intersect with Boylan Avenue. Where are the new pedestrian crossing signals?

  2. This is a good thing! I see a car going the wrong way on this street at least once a week. I was almost involved in a head-on collision in front of Charlie Goodnight”s as I rounded that curve and a car came from the wrong direction. Kudos to Raleigh for taking 6 years to fix a problem that was a result of making Morgan Street 2-Way when they replaced the Hillsborough and Glenwood Bridge.

  3. Long over due! This should be an improvement. What does everyone think of the new street lights on Hillsborough?
    Stainless steel look, belongs in a kitchen, ugly. Can anyone tell us who was responsible for selecting this pathetic style light fixture?

  4. I actually like the new light fixtures on Hillsborough. My problem with them is that they didn’t bother to widen the sidewalks along the street so the placement of the lights actually narrows the walkable area of the sidewalk. This could be a problem if more people start walking the street, or it could be a problem of access for wheelchairs along the sidewalks.

  5. I don’t like the look of the lights either. They should have gone with a black old time style light to reflect the street’s history. I’m sure you could some how retrofit them to be LED as well.

    I also think there’s too many of them so there is “eye pollution” going on. Plus the sidewalk issue.

  6. Well, I think they want to made the NCSU stretch a more “modern” appearance to go along with the technical tradition of the school. Fortunately the downtown part of Hillsborough Street has black “iron” style lampposts (which those, definitely, should be retrofitted with brighter LED lights).

    Back to the subject of the Morgan intersection…this is definitely long overdue.
    I do, however, wish they’d make the two-way part one more block east, from Dawson to McDowell. (Or further.) That way, people coming up from the south gateway could turn left on Morgan.

  7. i wish all the streets downtown were two-ways. between the non-synchronized, no sensor traffic lights and the one-way streets, it takes me 10 minutes to get a few blocks even when no one is around.

    i like the hillsborough st lights, and the whole thing. it will be awesome when it finally finishes.

  8. Exactly, Jeff! One-way streets are designed for moving cars THROUGH the city, which comes at the expense of accessibility within the city. I would probably leave Route 1 as a split pair, but convert all the rest to two-way traffic. The added bonus is that two-way streets create traffic calming through “friction.” Very long light cycles are also unbelievably annoying when no one else is around that is trying to go the other way. I have met some enlightened transportation engineers across the country, but most of them just suck by training.

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