1. There is a certain kind of beauty in the old facade, but if touching it up brings back some of the “old glory” then I have no problem.

  2. Looked better before, but would have looked best without it. I certainly hope Coke is paying them for the advertising.

  3. I remember that they had to get a special permit to have it touched up in the early nineties. They needed an exception because it did not meet city sign ordinances.

  4. I agree with Ernest that there is beauty in the old version, but I think a refresher now and then is a good thing, especially since it didn’t take away or add anything to the advertisement.

  5. I say let it fade.
    Aesthetically speaking it looks better.
    On a personal note soft drinks in the US is are terrible products and over consumed.

  6. Cleaner version looks nice. I seldom drink soda (agree with Jamie, soda should be banned in this country, too many overweight soda drinking kids), but when I do drink a little bit, it’s Pepsi all the way (born in NC).

    Coke is disgusting and their marketing is laughable. Pepsi after all these years still kicks Coke marketing butt (not even close).

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