Taz’s Tobacco and Wine Is Fantaztic! Opening Soon

According to a banner inside “Fantaztic” Taz’s new place on Martin Street, the wine and cigar shop will open this Friday March 26th directly across the street from RBC Plaza. Wine and tobacco products look to be the main focus but you’ll find a few other items here also.

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  1. I don’t know if this venue actually addresses real needs, but it is a welcome addition and we have to be grateful to the owners for opening this store. During tough economic times, such stores require a lot of work to remain “afloat”. Best of luck to the owners.

  2. Nice addition, good luck, but I must say, all three stores decor are trashy looking (inside and out)

  3. i feel the same. any new store is a good addition, but i wish they could’ve tried to look A BIT more upscale. nice looking, interesting shops make a downtown cool. shops like this just sort of fade into the background.

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