BeerCon: Wine Specials in Downtown Raleigh

Wine! (picture by Abbyladybug)

BeerCon does not have to be all about tasty suds. As I close in on my 200th beer at The Flying Saucer, I’ve been recently thinking that wine would be a taste I want to improve on. I’m terrible at tasting wine, which is expected because I drink very little of it. My first approach is to simply drink more of it and take note of the bottles I’m sampling. The easiest, and cheapest, way I see to dive into this is to chase the half price specials. Here is a short list of places that offer half price wine each week.




Where have you been? Any wine connoisseurs out there want to recommend a place on or off this list in downtown that has a good selection?

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  1. Cameron Bar and Grill ( also does half off bottles of wine on Tuesdays (all day, actually). ^_^

  2. I’m passionate about wine. I love to try before I buy. I like the half priced bottles but for trying new wines I like the half off glasses of wine even better…less of an investment to try a glass than a bottle unless you are with several friends. Half off glass or $5 wine by the glass…check out:
    Monday: The Globe
    Wednesday: Mosiac
    Thursday: Metro Lounge and Sullivans

  3. What’s better than half off wine? FREE WINE! As Ken Metzger mentioned, Seaboard Wines has free wine tastings every Saturday from noon to 4 pm. The Wine Merchant (next to Whole Foods) has free tastings on Thursdays 5 to 7 pm and Saturdays 2 – 5 pm. Also Wine Merchant has a new tasting self service station called the Wine Station, not free though. You can taste 12 wines and this is available 7 days a week. The Total Wines in North Hills has free wine tasting on Fridays 4 to 7 pm and Saturdays noon to 6 pm. I bet all area Total Wines offer free tastings but call ahead to make sure.

  4. Another way to try wine for free is through The Traveling Vineyard (TTV). TTV offers private, in-home wine tasting events for you and your friends. An Independent Wine Consultant from TTV brings 5 different complimentary bottles of wine to your home. Together, we taste and rate 5 wines. The host will provide simple food pairings to go with each wine. We will discuss how the food and wine compliment each other. This is a sit-down tasting event with friends and family so you are in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere that is entertaining and educational. This is a great event for men and women with little or a lot of knowledge of wine. And you are in luck, I am a Consultant with TTV. Contact me at or visit my web site at

  5. here are a few more:

    The Point @ Five Points: Wednesday 1/2 bottles of wine w/ purchase of entree

    Mosaic: Wine and Tapas Wednesdays

    Second Empire: Wednesday 1/2 bottles of wine

  6. Interesting timing running across this. I’ve actually looked into TTV, was thinking about joining as I have read some good thing…but I also hear some not-so-good things about them. Not so much the wine, but home office stuff. Did their CEO just retire for health reasons? I’m a little concerned about the business, as I think they just sold off half the business to 1-800 FLowers or something, but maybe that’s a good thing. But I’ve read that they play fast and loose with money and wineries and such. So I may go with Wine Shop at Home, as I really need to trust the organization. How is the support for the “consultant”?

  7. Liz, I became a consultant for TTV in May and I’ve been very happy with the support and the organization. At this time (7/10), there are only 2 TTV consultants in the Triangle. My ‘upline” is out of DC/northern VA area and they are extremely helpful-chat room, FB, monthly meetings (I call in to the meetings), and materials. I don’t know much about the sale of the company except that home company called Geerlings and Wade sold their catalog business to focus on TTV which allowed them to ‘retire’ their debt. Seems like they are in a good financial position now. I would be happy to discuss my experience with you in detail. Email me at Thanks! Heather

  8. hey Leo, given your extensive beer tasting career… have you come across a beer called “Gallo”? it is brewed in Guatemala and has been rated as one of the top beer in the world.. I am planning to buy a six pack this weekend

  9. Did anyone mention Cameron Bar and Grill? The have half priced bottles on Tuesdays as well.
    Speaking of Seaboard Wine, that is a GREAT place for those new to the wine drinking biz because they have a wide selection of inexpensive wines that are really good. I love the Spanish reds they stock for $6.99 – discounts by the case. Try Borsao, yummy.

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