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The 100 block of East Davie St. has LED lights installed and running at night. Notice the difference between the new, brighter lighting and the traditional lighting along Blount St.

Raleigh is leading an effort to become more energy efficient. One way is through the use of LED lights around the city. We would become an ‘LED city’ as its referred to by the LED City Initiative. Here’s some more reading for you to get your daily greens in.

Some American cities, including Ann Arbor, Mich., and Raleigh, N.C., are using the lights to illuminate streets and parking garages, and dozens more are exploring the technology.

Green Promise Seen in Switch to LED Lighting (via The New York Times)

Raleigh Recognizes Greater than 40 Percent Energy Savings as Municipal Garage Switches to LED Lighting.

Raleigh, NC the First LEDCity Installs LED Parking Garage Lighting (via Solutions For LED Lights)

The Mayor also said this is the time for Raleigh to vigorously pursue its role as the first LED City and explore and implement further ways to use LED lighting.

Mayor Calls For Boldness To Combat Economic Challenges (Via City of Raleigh)

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  1. Definitely makes an area feel brighter and safer.
    I’m really hoping they can get a lamppost version of those bulbs to put in Moore Square, and especially along that “dark” stretch of Hillsborough Street (between Glenwood & the capital building). That would be a big improvement to those two!

  2. Looks nice, I think. I do like the contrast between the warmer (more yellowish) lights and the new LED lighting :) Now, I am more anxious to see what The Edison can do for this intersection. It will certainly brighten things up even more ;)

  3. Edison was never canceled. Planned construction for it doesn’t start until late 2010/2011 I think. Then it’s going to be built in stages over 5-10 years. Don’t quote me on that, but it’s somewhere around there.

  4. The Edison is definitely not canceled. Lafayette and The Hillsborough are (unfortunately). The Edison is a HUGE project in size and scope and the developer behind it is a serious person. A man of few words, but not a quitter ;) As far as I know, and assuming some improvement in the economy, the first tower should break ground in 2010, but nothing is set in stone, The site plan has been approved, though.

  5. @Arthur: Whoever gave you that info was definitely misinformed. As DPK wrote, the Edison has never been canceled. Not at all. Not one bit.

    @Ernest: Agreed!

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