Scrap the Lightner public safety center? – News –

Three of the eight members of Raleigh’s City Council came up with another idea this week about what to do about the the Clarence E. Lightner Public Safety Center.

Start over.

via Scrap the Lightner public safety center? – News –

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  1. we aren’t never going to become a great destination for tourist. Seems like everything that is suggested or proposed in Raleigh, it’s always getting put on the back burner. I think it is wise to build it now.If it saves 50 million than it is smart to give it the green light. Besides, if built later down the road in a strong economy prices would be incredibly high and the property taxes will still increase. Everyone I’ve spoken to say the building should get a green light.

  2. yo raleigh is wack just face it! these city leaders with the exception of the mayor are blind. they want raleigh to be a huge rocky mount. raleigh will never become a charlotte because for every three steps that charlotte makes raleigh makes one and then steps back two more while charlotte keeps progressing. they say this is the smartest metro in the country… how? i dont see it i just dont! the tax increase that they are complaining about will only add about 60 dollars more to a home that costs 200,000 dollars… that is hardly anything and it wont take affect until a year and a half from now. raleigh is hopeless! change the capital of NC to charlotte please!

  3. I agree with both comments above. The voters who elected Odom, Crowder and Bonner have to be lacking in knowledge. (who is this Bonner kiss _ _ _?) – his comments today at the council meeting are completely off base and inaccurate).

    Crowder, Odom and Bonner are the personalities that keep OUR city moving backward, they have NO vision whats-so-ever!
    Our city is 10-20 years behind the times. Crowder thinks he is an architect, never heard of him and his work must be low profile.

    Bonner, another Crowder who loves to hear himself talk. Crowder made a comment about a broadcast tower (he has no clue of the cost of a broadcast SITE.

    Wow, get rid of these stooges, this city needes to be proactive, these three morons continue to be the “Progress Prevention Desk”.

    Build the facility.

  4. Bonner just made a fool of himself. Go Meeker, just B slapped him.

    Bonner thinks this should be a tourist destination like the convention center, what and idiot.

    Build the facility for our safety

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