| Proposed Raleigh Public Safety Center

Some great artist Renderings of the Clarence E. Lightner Public Safety Center. | Photo Galleries.

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  1. they really need this building i mean the one they have now should have been torn down back in the early 90’s!

  2. I agree, this building is needed and should start NOW. Here we go again with John Odom (cannot believe this guy is back on city council with his negative bull!). Construction costs are low, interest rates are low and people need jobs Odom! When will we have young visionaries on this city council?
    Get rid of Odom and Crowder (architect, that is funny, this guy has NO vision for Raleigh’s future, just likes to hear himself talk)

  3. I will join the voices of all those who say we need this building, but at the same time I would caution people not to get over-enthusiastic about the cost “savings”. The price tag is simply too high and those who speak against this project are referring to the timing, not the need. I would say that the price is good, considering the infrastructure, but for how are we going to pay for this? Are the financing terms good? As a tax-payer, I do not mind paying an additional $5 per month in order to see this great project built, but add everything to the pile and I am not sure I will be happy at the end.

    Maybe we could start by getting back the increase of the City Manager’s annual salary, as a good faith move by the city leaders ;) Show us the willingness to save money first, not only by cutting employee salaries and reducing services.

    With that having been said, I can’t wait to see this building rising above Nash Square. Hopefully, it will encourage additional investments and bring us a step closer to revitalizing McDowell Str, in my opinion a VERY challenging task. Kudos to Kling Stubbins for creating such a nice public building :)

  4. i dont see how in the hell people who are against downtown development get elected to city council… only in raleigh! that guy odom actually said it would be better to renovate that old shelter instead of build a new one… whats up with this guy?

  5. laryea, it is VERY simple: Odom was elected to do something about his district, by the people who got sick and tired of being ignored. Odom is not anti-downtown, by no means. However, a little responsible spending will not hurt. “Yes” to this project, but “No” to putting another huge debt on the shoulders of the tax payers. We can use a small portion of that money for offering incentives to corporations looking for a new home. That would do more for downtown, especially during times like these. It is a tough call, you must admit, no matter how great and necessary is this project.

  6. i know you folks from city-data and raleighskyline!
    ernest, i respect you a lot and usually agree with your take on things. but i feel this is something which the city could use right now, and i think the “we have no money” thing is something that never goes away. no one has extra money just sitting around, but if i was in charge of this, i’m sure i could find a number of things that benefit far fewer people that our taxes are being spent on. i just think if our own city can’t find the motivation to build when it’s necessary, we’ve no hope of getting anyone else to.

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