Contemporary Art Museum set to begin construction – Triangle Business Journal:

In an e-mail letter to friends of the museum, CAM said it anticipates that the facility will open in 2011. The museum will include three galleries.

via Contemporary Art Museum set to begin construction – Triangle Business Journal:.

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. I travel all over the country. This CAM Buidling is pathetic! Clearscape should be embarrassed with this building as they should be with the design of the convention center. Convention center looks like a warehouse with windows. This CAM building is a Art joke. Either build a signature building or don’t build it at all. Wow, we have NO architect in this city. Clearscape should not get any more business from this city (their designs have no vision what-so-ever. What an ugly building

  2. Clearscapes was not the design architect for the convention center, just a local firm to partner with the designer.

  3. You travel all over the country?!? What wise man you must be! The rest of us are mesmerized by anything larger than a typical McDonald’s building. I guess we don’t have the same frame of reference as one who has traveled ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!

  4. Hey Chris, get your facts straight. Clearscapes was the face of ALL convention center conversation and presentations (they were part of the design process). They had their name on this project and approved of this box. I agree with Henry, convention center and CAM building are a joke. The CAM building is ugly. A Contemporary Art building with no taste or size, who would want to see the art exhibits when the building has no vision (it laughable – this money is being wasted). Downtown leaders need to get their heads out of their back ends. Crowder and Odom are awful, both do like to hear themselves talk. Another example: the new Public Safety building, street level retail is awful (and don’t tell me it’s a safety building and requires to be a blank wall, other cities include retail)

  5. i like the convention center, but i agree. there’s far too little cohesion when it comes to building. it’s not rocket science to build a tall building that has hotel/residential space, offices, restaurants, AND retail. and build something interesting. otherwise we wind up with all these short, unimaginative buildings semi-vacant.

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