Raleigh’s next step: Sir Walter Hotel – Triangle Business Journal:

Raleigh also has a grand old hotel. But it’s no longer a hotel. It should be again.

via Raleigh’s next step: Sir Walter Hotel – Triangle Business Journal:.

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. A few years ago I was talking to a local developer – or at least an about-to-become developer – and I was told that they wanted to purchase Sir Walter Raleigh and turn it into a hotel-condo building. I doubt this is going to be that developer, but no matter who takes over I hope they respect the history of this historic structure.

    One obvious problem will be the relocation of the current tenants. When I asked the aforementioned developer about them, she said that the building was already getting so outdated that it would be impossible to let the tenants stay there for long. Hopefully, the right solution will be found for them, as many of them need to be close to a pharmacy, a role that CVS is playing at this moment.

  2. Federal Government can renovate one of the high rise buildings between Cameron Village and Broughton for Senior Living and transfer the current Sir Walter residents there. Then they will be close to Eckerd, Harris Teeter, K&W and Bus Routes. Then the Sir Walter can be rehabilitated into a Boutique Hotel. Its win-win! The current residents get updated living arrangements in a more convenient location and the Sir Walter is available for redevelopment.

  3. This senior living facility on F Street needs to go away. We are still talking abouty this years later and nothing is being accomplished, where is DRA and city council vision? I see many other downtowns across the country building in downtown, where are the local bank partnerships, First Citizen adds NOTHING to our downtown development of infrastructure (what an awful hometown partner)

  4. Good post. The easy part is to set up a blog, the hard part is to make it interesting so people will visit it…Well done!

  5. Well done steelcity36.I truly agree.Give our Seniors a more upgrade and efficent housing close to nearby shops and stores within walking distance and Renovate the old Sir Walter Hotel.Another Hotel downtown.Okay city officals you hear that,so stop sitting on your cans,and make this Happen.

  6. What does the above conversation mean. Are the seniors finally moving out of Sir Walter and development is going to start soon to convert it back to a hotel?

  7. I would think that this plan is on-hold for now. If anyone has heard otherwise, please shed some light. I don’t mind seeing the senior residents getting out of the building, IF they are offered a better facility, hopefully in another section of downtown.

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