Parking Deck Carnage

The deck is coming down at the future site of the new Justice Center. Unfortunately, we may be stuck with a nice gravel lot for awhile until the county decides to start on construction.

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  1. Between this, Powerhouse Square, and “The Hillsborough” debacle, Raleigh clearly needs a new law for downtown: “Unless something is condemned or unsafe, you can’t knock it down until you can prove you have the funds to replace it and intend to do so immediately!” :-P

  2. I totally agree with you. It is absolutely ridiculous to level a developed parcel, only to leave it empty for a long period of time. First the sites of The Hillsborough and Powerhouse Plaza were leveled. Now this. What’s next? Quite frankly, I still do not understand why the county leaders don’t use half of this block for the new Justice Center, and later on develop the rest, before they remove two buildings that could serve some purpose. It can’t be that hard…

    Praise the Lord, more surface lots. Now people should not complain about parking spaces in DT Raleigh. If they can’t see the parking decks, I am sure they’ll recognize the surface parking :LOL:

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