RBC Deck Facade Does Not Impress

The RBC Deck is being built pretty fast so of course, we already need another update. The construction has topped out and now reached Blount St. At the current pace, this end of the deck will probably be done before April. There is enough of the brick facade up that we get an idea of what we are going to see. I’m really not too impressed but looking at all the other city decks around downtown, should I really expect something great?

This end of the deck has some advantages from what I can see. Blount St. is a one way street and this may prove favorable with traffic flow as cars can only take right turns into and leaving the deck. At first I was shocked at how wide the stairwell was but I’m going to guess there will also be an elevator. The center space will be for RalCon offices retail and in my opinion this is not a bad spot to set up shop. City Market and Moore Square are just across the street and there is no reason to complain about parking here with 1500+ spaces right above.

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  1. It looks like all of the other city parking garages around downtown. At least they’re doing something to make it fit into the neighborhood rather than just leaving the grey cement uncovered.

  2. This is the question I presented a couple weeks ago. This does not blend in with City Market at all. Why would you not put retail on the ground level and carry city market to this side of the street?
    (Awful experience if your eating at city market and staring at that wall, they have lost my business)
    Wow, is anybody thinking when it comes to downtown parking deck development? NOT ONE parking deck downtown is creative. Let’s see how they mess up “Green Square”.

  3. I am a little more positive towards this parking deck than most, I think. We need to remember that the fitting into the neighborhood will fall on The Edison, a far greater development than this parking deck. The latter’s facades along Wilmington and Blount streets are only a small piece of the big picture. Considering the available space, I think they have done o.k. with this deck.

    BTW, I was under the impression this is not a city-owned parking deck. To the best of my knowledge, this is developed by Highwoods Properties, but I may be wrong. Also, they are planning on including retail space along both streets, as far as I know.

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