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Bike Parking at Citrix

Bike parking at Citrix along Hargett Street. While private, this is probably the peak of bicycle parking in downtown Raleigh.

RalCon Supports The Wake Transit Referendum

On Nov 8, or now if you’re into early voting, Wake County residents will see this little box on their ballots. This blog, along with a list of other fine persons and organizations, endorse a FOR vote for transit and the sales tax to pay for it.

For downtown Raleigh, and anyone that wants to see the area notch it up on transit-related infrastructure and service, this is a huge addition to the central role that the area plays in the movement of people in our city. The map below shows you how key the core of Raleigh becomes in this 10-year plan.

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If you’re looking for a summary of the transit plan that this sales tax increase will fund, along with maps, FAQs, and a breakdown of the monetary side of things, head over to the Regional Transportation Alliance’s wrap up page.

Pic of the Week

Raleigh's Giant Copper Acorn

Raleigh’s giant copper acorn has a new home. It was moved from Moore Square to the corner of South and Salisbury Street. I imagine the reason is to clear the way for the impending redesign of Moore Square.

The construction shown in the photo above is the new Residence Inn on Salisbury Street.

Fall 2016 Restaurant Roundup

Email readers: This blog post has a virtual reality image in it. I recommend you click through to the site to see it.

New eats are tasty but what can also be exciting, to me anyway, are reasons to revisit some places as they are doing new things or new folks are bringing a new twist on it. This season’s update shows a lot of new concepts in old places, hopefully bringing you back in for a fresh take.

For a complete list of eats, drinks, and coffees in and around downtown, make sure to bookmark the DT Eats page. Try something new!

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