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Pic of the Week

Demolition was taking place last week in front of the future Raleigh Union Station site. The smaller warehouse in front was planned to be removed for a grand entrance plaza for the train station. Below is a rendering of that entrance plaza.

First Rendering of One Glenwood

One Glenwood will add some daytime density to @Glenwood_South to help restaurant/retail, more retail space, parking — Bill King (@kingbill24) January 29, 2016 It seems the Downtown Raleigh Alliance is sharing a rendering of One Glenwood on Twitter. The building is planned for the corner of Hillsborough Street and Glenwood Avenue. The stats: 219,500 […]

Pic of the Week

Click for larger Last night was the launch party for The Dillon. Outside of the local beer, food, and networking this model may have been the highlight. When you stare at the current Dillon Supply warehouse in the bottom left of the photo it gives you a sense of the real size of this project.

Municipography, Downtown Hotel Parking and Moore Square Transit Station Renovation

Click for larger Municipography is a summary of current issues going through the Raleigh City Council and other municipal departments in the city. The point is to try to deliver any video, photos, and text associated with the discussions happening at City Hall or elsewhere. Since this is a downtown Raleigh blog, the focus is […]

Pic of the Week

I apologize for the bad quality photo but this was more a drive-by snap. Foundation work is starting on the Residence Inn on Salisbury Street and I wanted to throw up this quick post to show that this project is now underway.

Pic of the Week

600 Block of South Salisbury Street A construction trailer is set up across the street from the future Residence Inn site at approximately 600 South Salisbury Street. Could we start seeing site clearing soon to make way for the new hotel? Hat tip to the RalCon commenters for pointing this out.

Checking In on Market and Exchange Plaza

Exchange Plaza, December 2015 The overhaul of Market and Exchange plazas started in the Spring of 2015 and this project is hopefully nearing completion. Taking a looksee recently though, the plazas might not be ready for New Year’s. It would have been a nice bonus to be done before First Night but I’m sure plenty […]

Union Station December 2015 Update

Not a breaking update but rather, here’s what we know so far. I walked by the site recently and still nothing new since the groundbreaking took place in May. (that’s seven months ago) It seems we’ve been going through a financial obstacle course with this project. All interested should jump to the project page on […]

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