Downtown Wayfinding Kiosks

If you can’t see the embedded video, click here.

During the November 8, 2017 city council meeting, city staff and the Downtown Raleigh Alliance gave a nice update on plans to bring interactive wayfinding kiosks to downtown Raleigh.

Negotiations are ongoing with Orange Barrel Media, producers of IKE, an “interactive kiosk experience” and if all goes well, the rollout of the system could take place in Spring 2018.

The presentation to council is embedded above for your viewing pleasure but some of the highlights include:

  • The kiosks may be between 7.5 to 12 feet tall
  • All kiosk designs can be customized
  • The kiosks can show general wayfinding to retail, transit and event info, and even art
  • No city funds to be used to implement or maintain this system
  • The kiosk vendor is responsible for maintenance
  • The DRA will provide the data however there will be national advertising
  • The ad policy will mimic the one currently in use for the GoRaleigh buses
  • 15 locations initially but want to ramp up to 25 down the road

Since downtown Raleigh doesn’t have a designated shopping street these kiosks can only help direct folks to the right places or even find ones they didn’t know about. With transit info alongside this information, it may make users aware of the system and consider an alternative method.

The kiosks may be outside as well as inside some locations including the convention center and union station. Other proposed locations include City Plaza, Moore Square, Seaboard Station, and Shaw.

Council approved the proposal and we just might see these pop up in 2018.

The Forgotten Wayfinding Sign

In the picture above, there is a downtown Raleigh relic. An old sign that has been in its place for many years, standing the test of time. Actually, I have no idea how long this sign has been here but from the looks of it, it was put up long ago and now completely forgotten. I’m talking about the sign on the Capitol Blvd. bridge over Peace St. that can be seen when heading west. It points towards Cameron Village and leads cars in the ‘up’ direction. It is old, rusty, faded and needs to be replaced. It’s too bad we did not get another one along with the many others placed around downtown as part of the wayfinding system. Perhaps no one is heading towards Cameron Village when on Peace St. or maybe we don’t need it at all?

I’m sure many of you have driven under the bridge many times and have never noticed it. Come on, you can admit it.

Downtown Raleigh Wayfinding

If you have been lurking around Hargett or Wilmington St. recently, you may have noticed some holes in the sidewalks. I’ve started to notice more and more of these wood covered holes at the intersection of Fayetteville and Hargett, Wilmington St. near the museums, and near the Moore Square parking deck. At first I thought these were the parking meters that we have discussed before but that would be too quick a move on the city’s part. It finally hit me though and these holes have to be the locations for the new downtown signage that will go up soon.

The signage was approved last year and the city’s website has all the info. Looking at the pdf files confirms that these holes will have new signs to help people get around downtown Raleigh. Here are some key links for those that want more info.

Three holes at Fayetteville/Hargett St.

On Hargett St. across from the bus station.