The Forgotten Wayfinding Sign

In the picture above, there is a downtown Raleigh relic. An old sign that has been in its place for many years, standing the test of time. Actually, I have no idea how long this sign has been here but from the looks of it, it was put up long ago and now completely forgotten. I’m talking about the sign on the Capitol Blvd. bridge over Peace St. that can be seen when heading west. It points towards Cameron Village and leads cars in the ‘up’ direction. It is old, rusty, faded and needs to be replaced. It’s too bad we did not get another one along with the many others placed around downtown as part of the wayfinding system. Perhaps no one is heading towards Cameron Village when on Peace St. or maybe we don’t need it at all?

I’m sure many of you have driven under the bridge many times and have never noticed it. Come on, you can admit it.

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  1. I admit it, lol. I drive under that bridge several times a week, and for years have never noticed it.

  2. I’ve noticed it, but then I tend to notice signs a lot. There’s also some on Hillsborough Street telling you to take Oberlin to CV. (Might be moved with all the construction.)

    Speaking of forgotten wayfinding signs, anyone else notice that the “Welcome to Downtown” sign on Capital Blvd (as it turns into Dawson at the Days Inn) is missing? It was up only a few months!

  3. I hadn’t noticed that one personally. I have noticed a large number of (old) signs pointing to CV though. I’m thinking CV must’ve been a Big Deal in the past.

  4. I have noticed it. But, I have only been here for 10 years, and some of that was in Durham, so I can remember since I have had to learn my way around.

    On signage though, it drives me crazy when I drive around places like Apex, Morrisville, etc. that are putting in 4 or more land roads but leaving the same street signs on the side of the road as when the roads had two lanes. So in order to not miss your turn you have to nearly stop in the road and try to read from afar.

  5. Is it just me or does this bridge look like it’s warped (or sloped down and back up to make a very flattened ‘U’ shape) in the middle?

  6. Heh. I think that all the old school CV signs floating around are a trip. One at the end of Oberlin, the various signs off wade avenue. I don’t think I recall noticing this one though, it’s huge!

    I didn’t notice the wayfinding sign was missing at Dawson. The one that lights up? How could it be gone already?

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