Waiting For The L

The parking deck at the corner of McDowell and Davie St. is starting to rise out of the ground. This is also the site of the future ‘The L’, office over retail building, which will hide the deck from the sidewalk. At this pace, do not expect it any time soon because this deck will […]

The Tucker Crane Arrives

The Tucker is finally showing some real life and a crane has appeared at the construction site. Last I heard, phase I was supposed to open in summer of 2009, with the entire project complete a year later. Thanks, Ashton!

The State of Hillsborough St.

Hillsborough St. gets my vote as being one of the most important streets for downtown. From the Capitol building out to Glenwood, the first six blocks will be a major route that connects Glenwood South and Fayetteville St. The zig zag route should become the spine of activity for downtown. It is pretty clear that […]

Slow Goings At The Atrium

The Atrium is still not complete. It is actually in standby mode and there has not been work here in months. I do not know of what will eventually happen here but it is not looking good so far. Could this be another dead project? Anyway, I wanted to highlight the facade change. Here are […]

CON-struction and D-struction

The early winter sunsets are really cutting into my weekday opportunities to go out and take pictures of things downtown. I really think pictures help to add more to the story but we’ve all got a life and a job to do. Anyway, today I have more quick news regarding construction downtown that may be […]