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A Visit To The Capitol

Rotunda Room by dtraleigh, on Flickr Recently, I visited the North Carolina State Capitol. Surprisingly, I had never visited before and I continuously put it off until a later time. But now I’ve finally walked around the historic structure and encourage anyone who hasn’t to do the same. Here’s all the information you need if […]

City of Raleigh | New Trolley in Raleigh

There's a new trolley making the rounds on Saturday in downtown Raleigh. So climb aboard the larger, air-conditioned, more comfortable trolley at Mordecai Historic Park for your hour long guided ride through downtown Raleigh. via City of Raleigh | New Trolley in Raleigh.

Pic of the Week

I have not yet seen a show at the Burning Coal Theatre but this year, I hope to change that. The 2009/2010 season is posted on their website and I have created a Google Calendar in order for me, and anyone interested, to keep track of it. Copy one of the links below and import […]

Tech Culture in Downtown Raleigh

Picture by Prachi Gauriar via Flickr. When I’m not taking photos or drinking beer, the tech junkie inside me likes to find a cool spot downtown and ‘geek out’. Coffee shops are usually the place to find people doing the same being productive for their work or for a hobby. I’m a big fan of […]

Ride The Trolley During First Friday

Did you know there was a downtown Raleigh trolley route on First Friday? The Downtown Raleigh Alliance has a great map of the participating galleries and the trolley route. Map in pdf format. I also remember talk earlier this year of a possible trolley route on most days of the week with extended hours. There […]

Raleigh City Museum

In 1800, the city of Raleigh only had 669 people. 200 years after that, the city has changed just a little bit. This city’s expansive changes and growth can all be seen at the Raleigh City Museum located in the Briggs Hardware building on Fayetteville St. This small museum has many photos and maps showing […]

Support Your Local Music

Chris Suiter playing Sunday night at The Hibernian Downtown weekend activity has been soaring. It feels like there are more events going on now that the weather has been playing nicely. It might be safe to say that we can expect a sizeable event every Saturday from here on out until the temperature starts going […]

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

One of the big downtown attractions is the Museum of Natural Sciences. Some of the wildlife facts you will read here make North Carolina pretty significant. For example, the only place in North America that emerald is mined is here, which is actually rarer then gold. We also have the highest density of salamander species […]

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