The R-Line Returns After Four-Year Hiatus

Remember the R-Line? If not, you can refresh your memory now as we have the fare-free circulator service back up and running. The service was put on hold when the COVID pandemic began in early 2020. Long time residents may remember the old route as being a loop around downtown but it’s worth mentioning that it’s actually a bit different now.

The former route would run a loop around downtown Raleigh in a counter-clockwise direction. Today, we have a different route that actually ran for a little while before the service was put on hold. You can track the R-Line on the GoRaleighLive website but the route now offers service in both directions.

The R-Line’s return also coincides with GoRaleigh celebrating a return to 100% service since early 2020. It’s a different downtown than it was four years ago but the R-Line is running as planned four years ago so I’d love to know how people might use the R-Line today. We’re discussing it over on the Community and all are welcome to chime in.

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